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New 2010 Design Engineering, Inc. Catalog

Includes Ny-Trex Nitrous Systems and Components

Avon Lake, Ohio – Design Engineering, Inc.(DEI), the leader in thermal tuning products, has just released its new 2010 catalog.  Expanded to 44 pages, the new catalog covers DEI’s major product groups for the automotive, powersports, marine markets and industrial markets including heat protection, acoustical material (including sound deadening material and speaker baffles), performance cooling system additives, LED lighting, safety products, CryO2 (the SEMA Award winning line of cryogenic cooling systems and components) and now Ny-Trex, DEI’s line of nitrous systems and components.

New products featured in their 2010 catalog include Titanium Exhaust Wrap.  A high temperature resistant wrap made from volcanic rock that can handle 50% more heat than typical glass fiber wrap. It’s extremely pliable for a “tight” wrap during installation and has a very cool carbon fiber look!

Also new are custom-fit turbo shields for T3 and T4 turbines constructed from the same volcanic rock material as the titanium wrap with a high temperature rated silica padding for extra durability to handle the extreme heat generated by turbochargers.

The 2010 catalog boasts many new Ny-Trex products including Bare-Bones nitrous system kits for budget minded nitrous fans. The highlight of the Ny-Trex section may very well be the economically-priced and a revolutionary new nitrous delivery system called the Typhoon Turbine. A simple install and a simple method to increase boost and improve horsepower at an affordable price. The Typhoon turbine makes ordinary nitrous systems extra ordinary and kicks nitrous systems into overdrive in both horsepower and torque.  The Typhoon Turbine no doubt will raise the WOW factor to a new level with it’s performance, looks and ease of installation.

For more information on Design Engineering’s 2010 catalog thermal tuning and Ny-Trex nitrous system and component products, please visit, call 800-264-9472 or e-mail:

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