Scherer Breaks Through at PSC Brawl in Blackwell

Scherer Breaks Through at PSC Brawl in Blackwell

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November 10th, 2012 – Blackwell, TX: The Nitto Tire National Championship Series came to a finale last weekend  at the PSC Brawl in Blackwell, Texas. The race was held at Texana Ranch and brought together the top 50 Ultra4 drivers from the 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series and the Trail-Gear Western Regional Series in a head to head race that had fans on the edge of their seat. The top four finishers completed the 176 miles within 4 minutes of each other with third place Chris Hoyt and fourth place Mike Colville coming in literally nose to tail across the finish line.

2009 King of The Hammers Winner and PSC driver, Jason Scherer started the race in the pole position and maintained a significant lead throughout the first few laps. However, issues with clogged fuel injectors saw him slip into 5th place on the 3rd lap. After replacing four of his eight injectors, Scherer had 65 miles left and needed to not only overtake the four cars that had passed him, but also to finish five minutes ahead of Chris Hoyt and three minutes ahead of 2nd place Jason Shipman to be declared the winner of the PSC Brawl in Blackwell. With his fastest lap time of the entire race – 1 hour and 2 minutes, Scherer was able to overtake the physical lead and have an overall finish time that was more than two minutes ahead of 2nd place  Ultra4 driver, Jason Shipman.

Ultimately, it would be 1st place, Jason Scherer, 2nd Place Jason Shipman, 3rd place Chris Hoyt, 4th Place Mike Colville and 5th place, Ultra4 Nitto Tire National Champion, Nick Nelson. The top 5 drivers were a true mix of east meets west; Shipman and Colville both gaining entry into the race from 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series and Scherer, Hoyt and Nelson all part of the Trail-Gear Western Regional Series.


Blackwell, Texas was also the last race in 2012 that would grant entry to 2012 Ultra4 drivers into the 2013 Griffin King of The Hammers race. 25 of the 48 drivers competing in the PSC Brawl in Blackwell had not yet qualified to compete in Johnson Valley in February. After this weekend’s race, 11 teams qualified by successfully completing the PSC Brawl in Blackwell and an additional 5 teams qualified based on series points and having raced a minimum of 3 races including Texas in the Ultra4 Series.

The following is the complete list of drivers and their finishing order.


PlaceCar#Driver NameFinal TimeKOH Qual
176Jason Scherer4:45:34 (1)*
24414Jason Shipman4:47:54 (2)*
353Chris Hoyt4:48:21 (3)*
44418Mike Colville4:49:26 (4)*
54404Nick Nelson5:00:57 (5)*
64428Loren Healy5:08:51 (6)*
74481Alex Hardaway5:11:37 (7)t
84403Ben Dinkins5:12:36 (8)*
94446Gary Ferravanti Sr5:25:33 (9)*
1026Clay Gilstrap5:26:34 (10)t
114429Travis Watford5:33:54 (11)t
124580Jordan Townsend5:34:46 (12)t
134419Jeremy Dickenson5:46:14 (13)*
144441Darren Henke5:49:25 (14)*
15321Tom Wayes5:49:41 (15)*
164471TJ Flores6:03:02 (16)*
174476Kevin Gamble6:03:18 (17)t
18524Mark Danzo6:07:25 (18)t
194472Dustin Isenhour6:13:22 (19)t
204444Jason Pickett6:24:02 (20)*
2169Toby Harrell6:25:11 (21)t
2281Levi Shirley6:28:15 (22)*
23927Doug Kahlstrom6:37:32 (23)t
24890Jonathan Terhune6:39:03 (24)*
254456Mike Feagins6:46:34 (25)t
264469Jack Childers6:50:13 (26)t
DNF429Troy Stones
DNF104Jim Browns
DNF4470Clint Elletts
DNF701Greg Lundeens
DNF338Matt Petersons
DNF4455Andy Brown*
DNF4343Tim Diekmann*
DNF4436Kim Matzen
DNF595Tony Arledge
DNF18Brian Shirley*
DNF33Spencer Murphy
DNF4433Adam Carter
DNF4420Derek West*
DNF4421Erik Miller*
DNF9Scott Decker
DNF49Matt Burkett
DNF63Nathan Unruh
DNF5252Bill Baird*
DNF4407Cottin Rodd*
DNF5Shannon Campbell*
DNF42Aaron Peters
DNF4452Will Carter*
DNS366John Sweet*
DNS4Mike Odom
S = Series Qualified
T = Texas Qualified
* Already Qualified


Scherer Photo Courtesy of T. Kingston of Spidertrax Off Road.



Ultra4 is a vehicle type, class and series.  Ultra4 Racing was born from the popularity of the annual Griffin King of the Hammers, considered to be the toughest one-day off-road race. The vehicles are unlimited four-wheel drive, capable of competing in multiple racing disciplines – extreme rock crawling, high-speed desert racing and short course.  In five years, the sport has grown significantly from the inaugural King of the Hammers to an eight race national series including a regional east and west championship and a three-race pro series.  Ultra4 Racing is managed by Hammerking Productions located in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  To learn more, log on to www.ultra4racing.com.

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