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2012 King of the Motos Results

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

king of the motos

1 Graham Jarvis  # 88  2:57:19
2 Kyle Redmond  #17  3:09:41
3 Destry Abbott  #8  3:29:16
4 Mike Slawson  #307  3:45:32
5 Cody Webb  #247  4:00:40
6 Jimmy Jarett  #24  4:05:28
7 Chris Ridgway  #181  DNF
8 Cory Graffunder  #115  DNF
9 Jason Smith  #20 DNF
10 Joe Kessler  #46  DNF
11 Jordan Brandt  #2  DNF
12 Kurt Caselli  #66  DNF
13 Max Gerston  #15  DNF
14 Nicholas Burson  #9  DNF
15 Tim Robel  #222  DNF
16 David Pearson  #22  DNF
17 Max Eddy Jr.  #6  DNF
18 Gary Sutherlin  #21 DNF
19 Frank Schettini  #23  DNF
20 Brad Pace  #3  DNF
21 Chris Midkiff  #18  DNF


21 Starters, 6 Finishers

Traditionally, the Griffin King of the Hammers has been limited to a field of 100 racers; twenty of whom gain entry into the race by competing in a Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ) race that happens in the days prior to the King of the Hammers. More than 70 drivers competed for one of the 20 remaining spots. After the completion of today’s qualifying rounds, both drivers and spectators waited anxiously for news of which teams would move on to the main race and which teams would be packing up their vehicles to start their long journey home. Read More→


Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Nelson, Miller, and Gordon Shine on Day 2 of the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers

Nick Nelson laid down a time of 4:46 at Wednesday’s 4Wheel Parts Time Trials, ending up second overall in the two-day qualifier for the Griffin King of the Hammers this Friday, February 10th

Unlike the solid axles used on Mooneyham’s Trick Toys Fabrication race car, Nick Nelson’s buggy from Jimmy’s 4×4 utilizes independent front suspension (IFS) for better compliance at speed.  The brand new, blazing yellow buggy set the fastest time, while most of the field struggled to even finish the course.  Only 55 of 70 starters reached the finishing gates under their own power on Wednesday.  The rest either succumbed to mechanical failure or frayed nerves as thousands of fans cheered them on in person and tens of thousands followed the 4Wheel Parts Time Trials online. Read More→

King of the Hammers 2012: 4Wheel Parts Qualifying Round Day 1

king of the hammersFebruary 7, 2012 (Johnson Valley, CA) – Ultra4 veteran “Easy” Rick Mooneyham has something to prove at this year’s Griffin King of the Hammers.  Mooneyham has been on the podium twice in the past, but has yet to be crowned King.  He made his presence known at Tuesday’s 4Wheel Parts Time Trials by laying down the fastest qualifying time, a blistering four minutes and forty one seconds.  The only other sub-five-minute time was achieved by reigning King and Monster Energy driver Shannon Campbell, the last driver on course for the day.  4Wheel Parts president Greg Adler was the first competitor on course and his qualifying time of 5:08 stood for much of the day.  By the time the dust had settled, Mooneyham and Campbell were the only two who bested Adler for starting position in Friday’s Griffin King of the Hammers.   It is interesting to note that Adler was piloting a vehicle originally built at Trick Toys Fabrication by none other than Rick Mooneyham.  Scott Ward drove a third Trick Toys Fabrication buggy to a sixth place qualifying time of 5:24, illustrating the effectiveness of the vehicle design.  Read More→

1 KOH Rick Mooneyham 554 Lake Havasu City AZ 4.41.25
2 KOH Shannon Campbell 5 Gilbert AZ 4.57.06
3 KOH Greg Adler 210 Manhattan Beach CA 5.08.59
4 KOH Tony Pellegrino 4485 Simi Valley CA 5.09.56
5 KOH Randy Slawson 4448 Colton CA 5.09.74
6 KOH Scott Ward 4438 Lake Havasu City AZ 5.24.91
7 KOH Derek West 4420 Springfield MO 5.30.35
8 LCQ Rob Lynch 4463 Spokane WA 5.46.05
9 LCQ Ben Dinkins 4403 Annopolis MO 5.55.53
10 LCQ Joey Archuleta 127 Aurora CO 5.56.25
11 KOH Les Figueroa 4478 Henderson NV 6.05.16
12 LCQ Mike Nappi 4490 Idaho Springs CO 6.08.81
13 KOH Brad Lovell 232 Colorado Springs CO 6.11.84
14 LCQ Scott Morris 4492 Sunman IN 6.12.59
15 LCQ Nathan Unruh 63 Clovis CA 6.18.06
16 KOH Brandon Watson 4488 Carbondale CO 6.18.37
17 LCQ Sam Stienman 97 Phoenix AZ 6.26.69
18 KOH Harold Fijman 777 San Ramon CA 6.27.16
19 LCQ Tony Arledge 595 Austin TX 6.30.43
20 LCQ Larry  McRae 4581 Banning CA 6.32.15
21 KOH Lucas Murphy 816 Easton MA 6.37.06
22 KOH Gary Ferravanti Sr 4446 Paso Robles CA 6.44.28
23 KOH Matt Peterson 212 Colorado Springs CO 6.44.44
24 KOH Jim Brown 101 Ukiah CA 6.48.72
25 LCQ Paul Garner 4409 Queen Creek AZ 6.53.00
26 KOH Cottin Rodd 4407 Cortez CO 6.54.38
27 KOH Alan Woodson 86 Charlottesville VA 7.03.25
28 KOH Mike Klensin 4431 Tucson AZ 7.04.68
29 LCQ Robb Kaufman 22 RockyView County CAN 7.07.24
30 KOH Alex Hardaway 4481 Santa Rosa CA 7.07.31
31 KOH Eric Brown 502 Las Vegas NV 7.43.87
32 KOH Jose Manuel Ponce 9009 Morelia MEX 7.48.06
33 KOH Jason Picket 4444 Ft. Collins CO 8.08.84
34 LCQ Darren Batt 82 Woodward OK 8.23.75
35 LCQ Jason Shipman 4414 Farmington MO 8.26.25
36 KOH Bart Dixon 26 San Diego CA 8.28.69
37 KOH Matt Messer 17 Fresno CA 8.29.03
38 LCQ Michael Anderson 21 Auburn CA 8.32.60
39 LCQ Andrew McLaughlin 4493 Mesa AZ 8.40.28
40 KOH Aaron Robinson(William) 3006 Sparks NV 8.51.12
41 LCQ Ian McGlynn 123 Seattle WA 8.54.09
42 LCQ Joe Bunker 864 Monroe WA 8.59.22
43 LCQ Dustin Sexton 4437 Kamas UT 8.59.65
44 LCQ Brian McCarthy 415 San Rafael Ct CA 9.08.60
45 KOH Ben Napier 4461 Sydney AUS 9.09.12
46 LCQ Michael Feagins 929 Batesville IN 9.26.00
47 LCQ Doug Evans 4457 Hayfork CA 9.50.59
48 KOH Casey Currie 2 Anaheim CA 10.08.66
49 KOH Mel Wade 4451 Long Beach CA 10.18.47
50 KOH Tom Wayes 321 San Jose CA 10.29.40
51 KOH Bill Phillips 4480 Whittier CA 11.25.59
52 KOH Jason Scherer 76 Danville CA 12.12.66
53 LCQ Cody Addington 4680 Foresthill CA 12.54.88
54 KOH Warren Thomas 257 Morro Bay CA 14.53.84
55 KOH Loren Healy 4428 Farmington NM 15.38.97
56 LCQ Steve Norton 737 Floyd Knobs IN DNF
57 LCQ Doug Kahlstrom 927 Lampasas TX DNF
58 KOH Bunny Rose 812 Frederick MD DNF
59 KOH Brent Goegebuer 4473 Corona CA DNF
60 KOH Curtis Warner 4410 Armstrong BC DNF
61 LCQ Ryan Atkins 928 Parker AZ DNF
62 LCQ Jeremy Dickenson 4419 Cedar Park TX DNF
63 LCQ Nicholas McGaha 505 Ridgecrest CA DNF
64 LCQ John David 333 Fountain CO DNF
65 LCQ Hal Deschamp 4445 Whittier CA DNF
66 KOH Jason Blanton 966 Kirkland WA DNF
67 LCQ Billy Briney 4439 Ness City KS DNS
68 KOH Kevin Yoder 4434 Grass Valley CA DNS
69 LCQ Greg Davis 4458 Kaysville UT DNS
70 LCQ Brian Tilton 4416 Orangevale CA DNS
71 KOH John Reynolds 4427 DNS
72 KOH Rob McKeeney 8 DNS
73 KOH Jeff Hollfelder 4422 DNS
74 LCQ Richard Martinez Santa Ana CA DNS
75 LCQ Shane Gilroy 380 Mayerthorpe Alberta DNS
76 LCQ Kevin Gamble 4476 Chula Vista CA DNS
77 KOH Brett Porter 4460 Colorado Springs CO DNS
78 LCQ Eric Morales 4425 Lincoln CA DNS
79 KOH John Sweet 366 DNS
80 KOH John James 28 Fresno CA DNS
81 KOH Roger Lovell 4432 DNS 

Sponsors of the event include: Griffin Thermal Products 4Wheel PartsSmittybiltPitbull TiresMiller WeldersLucas OilTrail Gear, Falken TireNittoBestopDynomax Performance ExhaustGenRight Off RoadKing Off-Road Racing ShocksPSC MotorsportsWarnATX Series WheelsRugged Race Radios and Spidertrax.

Stock and Stock Modified Vehicles Take on the Infamous Hammers

Every Man ChallengeFebruary 5, 2012 (Johnson Valley, CA) – The Smittybilt Every Man Challenge (EMC) ended in an impressive and inspiring victory today as John Currie won overall in a stock class Jeep Wrangler.  While the Griffin King of the Hammers (KOH) demands not only incredible driving prowess but cutting-edge technology, Currie demonstrated the EMC is truly a driver’s race.  Recognizing the grass roots appeal of off-road racing, this year promoter Dave Cole created the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge for two classes – Stock and Stock Modified – to allow enthusiasts a chance to test their skills and vehicles against the famed Hammers terrain. Read More→

Miller & Blue Torch Fabworks to offer free weld support and equipment access to KOH race participants

miller weldersAPPLETON, Wis. — Dec. 15, 2011 — Miller Welders is excited to sponsor the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers, the toughest one-day off-road race combining extreme rock crawling and desert racing, set against the desert landscape of Johnson Valley, Calif.Partner and off-road manufacturer Blue Torch Fabworks will join Miller Welders onsite to collectively offer free equipment access, weld support and specialized off-road repair to KOH race team participants. The eight-day event, which combines the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge, Pit Bull King of The Hammers UTV Race and 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers race, will feature more than 225 cars and attract  20,000 participants and off-road enthusiasts Feb. 4 through 11, 2012. Read More→