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Superlift / AEV Jeep Commander (XK) and Grand Cherokee (WK) 4” F.I.T Series Lift System

Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift System

This zebra-inspired, Superlift / AEV-equipped Commander can be viewed "in the flesh" in Jeep's booth at the SEMA show November 1 through 4.
West Monroe, LA - DATE: 10-28-05 - Superlift just provided Rockcrawler.com advance information on their new 4” lift system for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) and Commander (XK). Superlift first began tinkering with the Grand in late-2004 when American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) contacted Superlift for design assistance with their Mojave Grand Cherokee project. The decision to ultimately offer this lift system to the masses was made easier when the companies learned that the brand new Commander would share the exact same suspension/chassis platform with the “almost as new” Grand Cherokee. Also, both 4WD and 2WD platforms are basically identical, meaning the same lift system - less front diff relocation hardware - works on both off-road and pavement-pounder models.

If you are a Jeep fan, you’ve heard plenty about both companies. AEV has created numerous concept vehicles for Jeep over the years, most recently the Mojave, the Liberty Liberator and the Brute TJ pickup. Normally, their concept rig-inspired “builds” end up being available from AEV, turn-key, to new Jeep buyers.

Superlift Suspension has been a driving force in the aftermarket suspension arena since the mid-1970s. According to Superlift, their primary focus is currently on its Jeep line, with the XK and WK being the first of numerous new Jeep lift products slated for introduction in 2006.

Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift System.
Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift System

Superlift and AEV say that nothing was left unaddressed in this joint-effort design. Front lift is achieved, and factory ride quality maintained, by using towers to relocate the tops of the factory coilovers. The lower control arms and differential are relocated via bracketry, then new cast ductile iron steering knuckles span the increased distance from the relocated lower control arms to the upper arms, which remain in the stock location.

Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift SystemThe lift system incorporates Superlift’s Frame Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) design concept. This method utilizes super-beefy lower control arm crossmembers that interlock with a full-width belly pan to form an incredibly strong subframe assembly. The crossmembers and pan are contoured to provide as much ground clearance as possible, and stitched together using countersunk fasteners. This extreme rigidity is welcomed, especially considering that the Jeep is a uni-body, meaning that it does not have a traditional rail-type frame.

New steering knuckles and front differential relocation bracketry take care of alignment, CV axle angles and driveshaft angle. Replacement longer factory style anti-sway bar links, both front and rear, ensure proper bar preload.

Rear lift is achieved with new coil springs; a slightly heavier rate was used to improve what most consider a “too spongy” factory ride. Correct 4-link geometry is achieved with link relocation brackets. There are two grades of rear shocks to choose from: the standard Superlift Superide hydraulics, or premium Superide remote reservoir (SSR) shocks, a trick looking high-pressure monotube unit. Both are valved specifically for the Jeep.

Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift System.
Superlift Commander and Grand Cherokee 4 Inch F.I.T. Series Lift System

A lifted WK or XK will clear 33” to 34” tall rubber, depending on wheel width and offset. The V-8 equipped Jeeps (especially the Hemis) will have no problems pulling this size tire, even without a gear ratio change.

Superlift will start shipping systems by no later than January 2006. They have not released cost figures yet, only saying that system price will be comparable to other replacement knuckle style lifts. AEV will offer the lift system installed on their new Jeep modification / accessory packages.

Stay tuned, as Rockcrawler.com will be visiting Superlift in November to get a first-hand look (and drive) at this new suspension. We also plan on a full installation and review.

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