New Landuse Book; last call for ideas

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    Landuse Book Last Call for Ideas

    Our new book on Shortcuts to Landuse and Volunteerism is about done with the editing stage and getting close to going to the printer. This is the last call for ideas on what else might be included in the book or what you REALLY want to have in a landuse book.
    So far we have covered:
    How to give a speech, write a letter and run a convoy.
    How to organize an event or convention and run a better meeting.
    Facilitation; ecosystem management; land stewardship science; and NEPA.
    We have a lot of info and tips on dealing with bureaucracy and landowner agencies.
    We delve heavily in to how to form a friends type group or coalition to save a riding area; and we talk a bit about trail and camping ethics.

    Let me know there's a topic you feel should be in the book.
    thanks, Del
  2. Del Albright

    Del Albright Trail Access Advocate

    Here is our landuse book character, Brock. Viking or Lumberjack?

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