Brown's Camp OHV Park Clean Up
Tillamook State Forest, OR

By Dan Rose

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Beginning of the day
Pic by Matt O'Brien

Morning meeting
Pic by Bob Layton

Illegal dump site being cleaned up
Pic by Frank Kirkland

Old mattress being removed
Pic by Scott Frontier

Laborious work to remove trash
Pic by Bob Layton

Picking up trash on Helicopter Pad
Pic by Bob Layton

Removing the trash
Pic by Bob Layton

April 20th, 2002 was the date for the annual SOLV it Run at Brown's Camp OHV park in the Tillamook State Forest in the coast range of N.W. Oregon. The idea was to clean up the park and repair damage along the trails. SOLV (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism ), the statewide Oregon non-profit organization founded in 1969 by Governor Tom McCall was the main organizer of this event. This is part of one of the largest Earth Day Celebrations in the Nation. Thanks to their efforts, there was over 260 tons of garbage picked up across the state that day.

103 people volunteering their time at this site made the day a huge success. Splitting off into groups, everyone had an objective. They all worked hard picking up trash in the forest which included half a truck-load of paint cans, 163 tires, 8,000 pounds of scrap metal, an abandoned vehicle, some car batteries, and 5-6,000 pounds of garbage. The waste included a couch with a remote control still in the cushions, house hold trash, carpets, tarps, and about everything else you can imagine. Much of this had to be winched up steep terrain in order to get it out of the forest.


Organizations involved included SOLV, Oregon Department of Forestry, the Tillamook County Sheriff, Oregon Bush Hackers, Pacific Northwest Full Size 4x4s, 2 Big Broncos, Sand Flees, Brush Busters, Oregon Equestrian Trails, Portland United Mountain Peddlers, Sierra Club, Mid Valley Crawlers, Vancouver 4 Wheelers, Trask Mountain Trail Riders, Forest Grove Ranch Riders, and the Tillamook State Forest Volunteer Trail Patrol.

The Oregon Bush Hackers had the best turn out by far with about 35 vehicles. This is a dedicated group that is involved in cleanups and trail repairs throughout the year. After the SOLV event was finished, they went up to their adopted trail, the Scotty Duncan Memorial Trail (firebreak #5), and spent the rest of the day there volunteering even more time.

They dug about 20 settling ponds to catch runoff from the trail to prevent debris from entering a nearby fish-bearing stream. They posted some signs and cleaned up yet another illegal dumpsite alongside the stream. They also cleared a new trail exit, because there was severe road damage where the exit used to be.

Thanks to all that participated. You did a great job volunteering over 400 volunteer hours, not including the extra time spent by the Oregon Bush Hackers huge group afterward.

Information about SOLV:
SOLV is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that brings together government agencies, business and citizen volunteers in programs and projects that enhance the livability of Oregon. SOLV was established in 1969 by Governor Tom McCall and other community leaders. They saw the need for community action to address growing litter and vandalism problems in the state. Today SOLV is building on their vision with a strategic plan that will guide us as we work to preserve this treasure called Oregon.

SOLV annually provides resources to more than 250 Oregon communities, focusing on cleanup, beautification and enhancement projects. In 1999 65,000 volunteers participated in SOLV activities across the state providing nearly $7,000,000.00 in service to Oregon.

SOLV Goals

  • Build a sense of community and a stewardship ethic through direct volunteer action.
  • Provide resources to improve livability in Oregon communities.
  • Promote awareness of Oregon livability issues.
  • Sustain effective programs through organizational development.

SOLVit Logo
P.O. Box 1235
Hillsboro, OR 87123
503-844-9571 (voice)
503-844-9575 (fax)


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