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Hutchinson DOT Beadlock Wheels

Hutchinson’s DOT Compliant Dual Beadlock Rims

Over ten years ago, three sets of tires, and well over 75,000 miles, the Hutchinson beadlocks have proven themselves countless times. These DOT-compliant street-legal rims are built to last. Keep in mind that many of those miles were under a…

0 Comments / 364 View / May 8, 2015

Making the Tire Choice – Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 and ST Maxx review

Ever slipped on a wet garage floor? Now angle that same garage floor to 30 degrees and try walking up it…both the Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 and the ST Maxx tires were developed to conquer that slick challenge, and perform…

0 Comments / 5760 View / August 10, 2012


Jeep JK at Superlift ORV Park

Anyone paying attention knows that Jeep’s 2007 Wrangler (JK) is about the hottest thing to hit the four-wheeling market this year. Being all-new means that every aftermarket company in existence is scrambling to come out with goodies for it. While…

0 Comments / 146 View / September 1, 2006