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Al's Liner Heat and Noise ReducerAl’s Liner Heat and Noise Reducer (HNR) produces a comfortable atmosphere in vehicle interiors. HNR can be applied to interior roof, walls and floor to reflect exterior temperatures by 45°F or more. The coating can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. Al’s HNR is a proprietary blend of latex synthetic polymers, acrylic, PVA and vinyl styrene that’s reinforced with ceramic micro spheres to provide incredible insulation, heat reflection and sound deadening properties. HNR is produced from recycled materials. Read More→

The Al’s Liner System is a premium polyurethane DIY bed liner kit designed to outperform all other Bed Liner Systems. The Al’s Liner Kit has everything you need, and is applied in 4 simple steps. The Al’s Liner Air Texture Gun allows users to vary coating texture and thickness effortlessly. Completion takes less than four hours. Al’s Liner coating contains 85% solids, which greatly exceeds the 40-50% solids content of competing DIY Kits. This helps to provide far superior strength and service life that’s backed by a lifetime warranty. Al’s Liner is available in black, grey and tan, and can also be highly customized with colored automotive pigment. Al’s Liner works great as undercoating, and a rocker panel/lower fender protectant too (can be tinted to match vehicle paint). Proudly made in the USA.  More information is available at Read More→

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