North Bend, WA December 15, 2011 – ASR Offroad is excited to announce the availability of their full line of Synthetic Winch Ropes and Kinetic Recovery Ropes.  ASR Synthetic Winch Ropes are designed and manufactured to bring you many years of reliable, high performance vehicle recovery.  Plasma® 12 strand rope is the main component of all ASR winch rope assemblies, and is one of the highest strength synthetic ropes available.  This means that an ASR winch rope is up to 85% lighter and 40% stronger than an equivalent steel winch line.  Higher strength and lower weight make for a winch rope that is safer and more enjoyable to use.  ASR Offroad Winch Ropes are made in Washington State and are available in many sizes and colors, and with the options of a sling hook, self-locking hook, tubular thimble, or Safety Thimble. Read More→