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Back in the 1969, Ford Broncos, custom prepped by Bill Stroppe were the hot ticket for desert racing.

Legends of Baja – Rod Hall

Legendary off-road racer Rod Hall returns to Baja, Mexico, in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame championship 1969 Ford Bronco. A cool breeze drifted off the Pacific Ocean, carrying with it the typical morning fog thatĀ Tijuana, Mexico, is known for….

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Klune-V “Extreme Underdrive”

Klune-V “Extreme Underdrive”

An “Extreme Underdrive” is an underdrive gearbox that bolts in place between the transmission and transfer case. We call it “Extreme,” because the underdrive multiplies your existing gear reduction by 2.7 times (“Goliath” model) or 4 times (“David” model), rather…

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