Simi Valley, CA:  It is with great excitement that the Race Prep Racing team announces their partnership with Coast Motor Supply, SW Airflow Services and West Coast Cylinder Heads. Richie Carter, driver and co-owner of the 4474 race car, determined early on this season that the car deserved a little more power than the original motor supplied and these three sponsor companies have made this a reality.

A new 6 liter LS motor is currently being installed in the Race Prep Racing car, just in time for their next race, the Stampede in Reno, NV, September 7-10.  With motor, parts and porting services all provided by the sponsors, driver Richie Carter is able to focus on getting the rest of the car race-ready.  “My confidence in Coast Motors, Shane [SW Airflow Services] and the guys at West Coast goes back decades.  They understand motors, racing and performance and I trust their work,” said Carter when asked about his choices for this important upgrade.  While not necessarily the “big motors” many of their competitors are using, the 6 liter is a big step up for the team and a solid and affordable choice.  Knowing the limitations of the car as a whole, they chose this motor over other options to keep the balance between speed/power and the “weakest link”.  “Every car has a weakest link,” Carter noted, “my goal here was not to put more motor in the car than she can handle.”  Read More→