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MAUMEE, Ohio, April 22, 2013 – Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today it has introduced its SVL™ brand of light-duty ring and pinion gearing to provide additional coverage and ratios for the most popular light vehicle applications.

The new offering of ring and pinion gearing include 7.5”, 8.8”, 9”, 9.5”, 10.25”, and 11.5” ring gear diameters for coverage of all makes of vehicles. Also included areexpanded ratios for the Dana 30, 44, 60, 70, and 80 axles. Dana’s SVL productline is designed with precision engineering and is Dana-validated and approved to ensure product quality and durability that meets the aftermarket’s unique performance requirements. Read More→

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MAUMEE, Ohio, April 22, 2013 – Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today it has expanded its Spicer® ring and pinion gear options for Dana 44TM (226 mm) and Dana 60TM (248mm) rear axles to include additional ratios, while ensuring top-of-the-line part quality through the manufacturing processes.

New ratios available for the Dana 44 and 60 axles include 4.56, 4.88, and 5.13, adding to existing ratios of the Dana 60 axle that range from 3.54 to 7.17 and the Dana 44 axle that range from 3.07 to 5.13. Read More→