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CalROCS Round 4Saturday morning July 30, 2011, all the CalROCS competitors are excited to finally take on the course at Donner Ski Ranch. Donner is always the favorite spot for competitors and spectators, so of course it is the perfect location for Round 4 of the CalROCS extreme rock crawling series. As the competitors walk the new courses that CalROCS has laid out, they share stories of past events, achievements, and carnage. They cannot wait to hit the rock so they can get new stories to share around the campfire, new achievements, and new broken parts to fix, just so they can do it all over again. Read More→

RENO, NV   JUNE 25, 2010:  The most highly anticipated event of the year, Rock’n @ the Ranch W.E. Rock Western US National, held at Donner Ski Ranch over Father’s Day weekend, was a competitor and crowd pleaser.  The event attracted 28 teams with spectators and crews littered all over the mountain.

“The courses were insane, we beat ourselves and our rigs up,” stated competitor Matt Messer from Trail Gear who took his first ever Unlimited class win.  Drivers competed on some of the hardest natural terrain courses this location has ever seen and there was plenty of rollover action, which is typical for Donner with the amount of ledges, drop-offs and amazing rocky formations.  “We really had a lot of fun putting these courses together, they were really technical and focused on the drivers skills,” said Rich Klein, event promoter. Read More→