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Vision X - Baja 1000November 20, 2013 – Algona, WA - Racers using Vision X Lighting outshine the rigors and darkness of the the 46th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 to claim multiple class wins and class championships.

The grueling yet majestic terrain in Baja California, Mexico put 251 starters to the ultimate test of man and machine as they forged through over 900 miles of mountains, deserts, deep sand washes, dry lake beds, silt beds, mud holes and cactus fields. After 18 hours of continual punishment the first finishers began cross the finish line, and after over 35 hours less than half of the starters would see the checkered flag. Read More→

RJ Anderson Dominates WORCS RD3 in Lake Havasu

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Takes over Production 1000 Points Lead

RJ Anderson Digs Hard at Havasu

RJ worcs havasu

Riverside, CA 3/21/2012 –    RJ Anderson and the Walker Evans Racing (WER) team headed to Lake Havasu, AZ last weekend and it wasn’t because they wanted to partake in the spring break madness. No, RJ and the team had work to do and work is exactly what they did. After coming up short in round 2 RJ was ready for a win in the Production 1000 class in his Polaris RZR XP900.  With his Holz Racing built machine fully prepped RJ lined up next to 30 other class racers and took them all to school putting in the races fastest lap time and winning in dominating fashion.  RJ was a full minute ahead of the second place finisher when the checkered flag dropped dominating the class and the race.  With this win RJ moved into first in points giving him added confidence and motivation heading towards round 4 of the series.  Needless to say, RJ fully enjoyed the tight and rough course at Crazyhorse Campground in Lake Havasu, AZ. Read More→

South Dakota, BHCC, Calamity CanyonAs we all know, OEM skidplates are lacking in true protection on any rig.  The plastic skids that come on the Polaris RZR are likely adequate for the casual user, but if you play at all, you’ll find them getting scarred and damaged quickly.  Serious protection and function means upgraded materials and an integrated system…Holz Racing Products does just this when you combine their Pre-Runner Front Bumper with their Skid Plate Kit.

The Holz system adds that serious protection for the underbody of the RZR by utilizing a combination of UHMW and aluminum.  The UHMW is 1/4″ thick and countersunk to use the stock mounting hardware and effectively mimics the stock skid, but adds the advantage of a slippery surface, no ridges to get hung on, and much greater durability.  Combine this with the solid protection of the 3/16″ marine grade 5086 aluminum wrap-around rockers, rear skid and integrated pre-runner bumper/skid and you’ve effectively covered all of the important parts of your RZR’s belly from expensive damage. Read More→