Pocatello, ID (April 19)—The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) announced today the significant support to help save trails nationwide from IH8MUD.com. Brian Swearingen, owner, and the great folks at IH8MUD.com conceived a simple fund-raising program where paid subscriber funds for a two-week period went directly to BlueRibbon Coalition, netting a $3000 donation.

“My concept was simple and easy for subscribers to buy a membership to the forum and support BlueRibbon Coalition at the same time,” said Brian who goes by “Woody.” He set aside two weeks where all the funds raised would directly support keeping trails open by donating the funds to BRC.
IH8MUD.com is a primarily Toyota based internet forum that also promotes responsible motorized recreation with a worldwide audience.

“This donation amplifies BRC’s force in educating the American public in responsible recreation while helping to keep our sports alive,” said Greg Mumm, Executive Director of BRC. “We are very appreciative of the fine folks at IH8MUD.com,” Greg added.

Note: any internet forum wishing to conduct a similar fund-raising project is encouraged to contact Del Albright at brdel@sharetrails.org.