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Rancho Cordova, CA   January 18, 2011 MetalCloak has once again changed the game in the Jeep Tube Fender industry with the release of the Overline™ Tube Fenders with Quick Release Flares for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited. The term Overline refers to the unique mounting system that places the fender above, or over, the lines where the stock flares and typical tube fenders mount. Using a dynamic bracing system, MetalCloak’s incredibly strong fenders provide the most clearance and the best object deflection angle in the industry, giving wheelers the option of running 37” tires on a stock JK with no lift.  As for fitment, ease of installation and quality of manufacturing, for those who know MetalCloak’s well-earned reputation, they don’t disappoint, hugging the curves of the JK like they were meant to be. Read More→

Rusty’s 5.5 JK Wrangler Long Travel Kit

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Rainbow City, AL, 12/27/10 – Rusty’s new JK long travel kit is the result of many hours at the computer, in the shop and extensive testing. We use our proven radius arm system in the front as well as the rear, something we had used only on local custom vehicles. Now, Rusty’s JK system can be installed in most any garage and it does require welding. We spent countless hours developing our new long travel mounting brackets using our keyed and tabbed bracket technology. In simple terms the .250 thick brackets are laser cut and CNC formed. Once formed on the press brake, the keyed and tabbed technology bracket simply go together like a puzzle, this mean precision fit without the use of jigs. Read More→

DYERSBURG, TENNESSEERough Country Suspension Systems announced today, an exciting new addition to the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup. The new ’93 – ’98 4” Series II Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep ZJ boasts a more than impressive list of components designed to make sure you get everything you need in one package and at a great price. A set of front and rear lifted coil springs help level the vehicle and provide a mean looking 4″ of boosted ride height, giving you the necessary clearance for all your off-road endeavors. In addition, this kit comes with front sway-bar links, front and rear sway-bar brackets, bump-stop extensions, and a rear track bar bracket. A set of four Hydro 8000 shocks are included with an upgrade to Nitro 9000 shocks available for $25. Read More→

Jeep TJ Deluxe Cable Shifter:
Finally there’s a solution to alleviate that problematic Jeep TJ transfer case shifting mechanism!  Advance Adapters now offers a heavy duty shifter designed to correct the binding, hard shifts, and slipping-out-of-gear that is inherent when lifting a Jeep TJ or when altering the drivetrain components.  The kit replaces the body mounted mechanical system with a robust cable actuated designed that creates a crisp and carefree shifting experience with your transfer case.  P/N 715543-231 or 715543-241.
Jeep JK Cable Upgrade:
Advance Adapters now offers a new deluxe cable shifter upgrade for Jeep JK vehicles.  This new heavy duty design was created for the off roader who is constantly shifting the transfer case in and out of various ranges.  The improved cable & mounting system offers both a durable and dependable system that removes the easily worn out or broken factory cable system.  P/N 715596.
Atlas 4 Speed:
For a while now, questions & anticipation has been building around the availability of the ‘next generation’ Atlas 4 speed.  Well, wait no longer.  Advance Adapters is happy to announce the re-release of this epic product.  Some progressive features include a new planetary shift mechanism, the input gear & planetary shaft supported by tapered roller bearings to accommodate the higher thrust loads of larger engines & tires being used today, and a 300M output shaft.  Still in development is a flat towing lubrication system which will be an upgrade option for all versions of Atlas cases.

New Poly Performance JK Coilover Kit

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

San Luis Obispo, CA - Poly Performance has released a Jeep JK Coilover/Air Bump Conversion Kit, the ultimate addition to any JK aftermarket suspension system. This kit adds competition-bred long-travel performance using either 2-inch-diameter, 12- to 14-inch-travel Fox coilovers or up to 16-inch-travel Air Shocks (2.0-inch or 2.5-inch diameter). The JK Coilover Conversion Kit also allows for easy adjustments to ride height, spring rate, and compression/rebound damping adjustments.

An optional Front Air Bump Kit adds race-proven 2-inch-diameter hydraulic bumpstops as a secondary suspension, to improve off-road comfort and durability. The Poly Performance upper towers and lower mounts are engineered to be compatible with common body lifts, engine lifts, on-board air systems, and aftermarket suspension systems. The JK Coilover Conversion Kit is supplied as one complete system or two individual sections (Front Kit and/or Front Air Bump Kit).

For more information, please contact Poly Performance, 805-783-2060,,

San Luis Obispo, CA - (8/15/10) Poly Performance has just released the all new Jeep® JK Coilover/Air Bump Conversion Kit, the ultimate addition to any JK aftermarket suspension system available today.

By introducing competition based coilover shock technology to other aftermarket JK suspension platforms, the Poly Performance Jeep JK Coilover Conversion Kit allows for long travel 2.0″ Diameter Coilovers/Non-Coilovers and 2.0-2.5″ Air Shocks from 12″ to 14″ (up to 16″) travel for improving off-road driving performance and increasing wheel travel. The JK Coilover Conversion Kit also allows for easy ride height adjustments, spring rate adjustments, and compression/rebound damping adjustments. At each front corner the optional Front Air Bump Kit introduces race proven 2.0″ hydraulic bumpstops as secondary suspension, to improve off-road comfort & durability. All mounting components are engineered to be compatible with common body lifts, engine lifts, on-board air systems, and most suspension systems. The JK Coilover Conversion Kit is supplied as one complete system or 2 individual sections (Front Kit and/or Front Air Bump Kit).

For more information on the Poly Performance Jeep JK Front Coilover Conversion Kit, please contact Poly Performance, 805-783-2060,,

DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE: Rough Country Suspension Systems announces release of the new 1 ¼” Jeep JK Body Lift Kit for manual transmission models. This Body Lift provides a full 1.25″ of additional tire clearance, as opposed to the standard 1″ provided by most other manufacturers. The 1.25″ fiberglass reinforced nylon spacers nest with the factory body mounts keeping the body properly aligned with the frame. This design not only provides lift but also retains the noise and vibration canceling characteristics of the factory mounts while offering a tough enough build to withstand the elements and hazards on the trail. Read More→


DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Rough Country Suspension ® Products launches an interesting addition to the popular 1 ¼” Jeep TJ Body Lift Kit today, with the inclusion of new rear bumper brackets at no additional cost. When installed, these brackets elevate the rear bumper flush with the rest of the vehicle’s frame, thus eliminating the usual gap that occurs. Read More→

To meet the demand of off-roaders looking to strengthen their current axles without going to the expense and weight penalties of a larger axle assembly, ARB has just released the latest model in their Performance Air Locker Series. Designed for the new 2007 and newer Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon Dana 44 housings, this new performance ARB Air Locker allows users to gain the axle strength they need from larger aftermarket 35 spline shafts and still retain their smaller, lighter Dana 44 assemblies. Read More→


Friday, May 7th, 2010

At ARB’s request, IPF Performance Lighting developed the a replacement headlamp kit to improve the lighting performance and beam pattern over the original equipment head lights for the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2010).


  • Dedicated optimum light output lens pattern
  • Hardened glass lens
  • IPF H4 Super J Beam 55/60 watt bulbs
  • Supplied as a complete kit
  • Quick Installation Read More→

Selectable design allows Jeep owners to control suspension balance and roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible

Alliance, NE – April 2010: The SwitchBlade Swaybar from JKS Manufacturing is the industry’s first variable rate anti-sway bar for Jeep vehicles. This high performance replacement for the factory anti-sway bar can be adjusted by the user to improve vehicle performance both on- and off-road. Unlike single- or dual-rate anti-sway bars that offer limited or no tuning capability, the SwitchBlade Swaybar allows the user to match the level of swaybar resistance to virtually any vehicle, terrain or driving style. With five unique settings from which to choose, the vehicle owner gains control of roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible. Read More→

Tuffy: Don’t Let the Thieves Win!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Ever wondered how to keep your precious valuables secure without permanently sacrificing your cargo carrying capacity? The Security Deck Enclosure from Tuffy Security Products is now available for all 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler models. The heavyduty steel enclosure creates an ultra secure storage area inside your Jeep to help protect you from being a victim of one of the 2.5 million car break-ins reported every year by the FBI. Tuffy’s innovative design and mounting system allows for a quick, no-tools required removal for those times when the entire cargo area is needed and a weight bearing lid that incorporates a convenient storage tray allows heavy items to be stacked on top of the Enclosure.

For more information, contact:

Tuffy Security Products
25733 Road H
Cortez, CO 81321