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Macs - IMG_1231Not all tie-downs are made alike, and to prove the strength and quality of its made-in-the-USA products, the owner of Mac’s Tie Downs entrusted his Jeep to the tie-downs at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

Sagle, Idaho (April, 2013) – Mac’s Tie Downs are the strong and American made. Sure, the knock off brand cost less, but strength and quality is often compromised. Tie down straps are used to secure and tow your most precious of cargo, and Mac’s proved at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari how well-built its straps really are.

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Heavy duty, lightweight hitch-mounted vise makes repairs in the field, on the trail or at the track as easy as turning a bolt.

  • Lightweight vise with full sized jaws fits easily in truck or trailer
  • Perfect for contractors, racers, farmers and off-road enthusiasts
  • Installs into the a standard hitch receiver in less than one minute
  • Black Powder Coated Steel Construction – Made in the USA

Sagle, Idaho (July, 2010) - From cutting pipe at a job site to modifying parts at the track, the new hitch-mounted Trail D-Vise is a versatile new tool from Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs. Born on the Rubicon Trail when an off-road enthusiast needed to change a universal joint, the portable vise is an invaluable tool for mechanics, racers, contractors or anyone that needs to make repairs on the go. Read More→