High-Strength Spray Lubricant Outperforms Leading Brands and Has Hundreds of Home Uses, From the Garden to the Garage 

Royal Purple MaxfilmPorter, TX (February 13, 2013) – Over the course of a year, the average do-it-yourselfer will come across a variety of unique projects demanding an effective spray lubricant and protectant. Maybe the hinge on the front door is squeaking, a lock is sticky or a part on some lawn equipment needs to be replaced, but won’t budge. For all this and more, Royal Purple developed its multi-purpose spray lube called Maxfilm®.

Most brands of spray lube rely on a mixture of mineral-based oils and solvents that work primarily as a Water Dispersant and need to be repeatedly applied to be effective. Maxfilm is a true two-in-one product that outperforms its competitors by using blend of unique fully synthetic chemistry, including Royal Purple’s own Synerlec® additive technology. Read More→