High-Strength Spray Lubricant Outperforms Leading Brands and Has Hundreds of Home Uses, From the Garden to the Garage 

Royal Purple Maxfilm 88x220 PREVENT AND STOP RUST AND SQUEAKS WITH MAXFILM SPRAY LUBEPorter, TX (February 13, 2013) – Over the course of a year, the average do-it-yourselfer will come across a variety of unique projects demanding an effective spray lubricant and protectant. Maybe the hinge on the front door is squeaking, a lock is sticky or a part on some lawn equipment needs to be replaced, but won’t budge. For all this and more, Royal Purple developed its multi-purpose spray lube called Maxfilm®.

Most brands of spray lube rely on a mixture of mineral-based oils and solvents that work primarily as a Water Dispersant and need to be repeatedly applied to be effective. Maxfilm is a true two-in-one product that outperforms its competitors by using blend of unique fully synthetic chemistry, including Royal Purple’s own Synerlec® additive technology. Read More→