fully-built-rear-axle-housing-altFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. added to their vast product line with the addition of five new kits Friday, November 16th. Trail-Gear is now offering fully assembled front and rear axles, in addition to expanding their Power Pack line to include applications for 1988-1995 Toyota Hilux and 4Runner models and Creeper Lock™ line to include applications for hub-centric vehicles.

The Trail-Gear Fully Built Front and Rear Rock Assault™ Axles are made entirely of brand new and upgraded components not refurbished junkyard parts. Both axles feature Trail-Gear’s renowned Rock Assault™ Axle Housings. Rock Assault™ Housings provide unparalleled strength due to the 5/16” thick, DOM axle tubes that engage further into the center section and the 360° gusset welded around the tubes on the inside of the housing. The positions of the axle tubes and center section design have been specially engineered to allow for additional ground clearance. Read More→