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Volunteer Dinner Thursday February 7th at 7pm

Raceline2013KOHBounty-300x300GARDEN GROVE, CA    JANUARY 10, 2012: Running Raceline Aluminum Beadlock Wheels at this years 2013 King of the Hammers could add $5,000 to the winners pocket at the Ultra4 race on Friday February 8, 2013 in Johnson Valley.  “We have always been about supporting our racers, who in turn support us. This is just one more opportunity that we are happy to put towards their success!” said Greg Mulkey, Raceline Offroad Brand Manager. Read More→

RT233 Monster RacelineGARDEN GROVE, CA    NOVEMBER 29, 2012:  Every year since the King of the Hammers inception, Raceline Wheels has had multiple sets of Monster Wheels on course.  This year the Raceline Wheels team is adding a $5,000 bounty for the 2013 King of the Hammers winner in the Ultra4 race on Friday February 8, 2013 in Johnson Valley.  “We have always been about supporting our racers, who in turn support us. This is just one more opportunity that we are happy to put towards their success!” said Greg Mulkey, Raceline Offroad Brand Manager. Read More→

PLACERVILLE, CA   SEPTEMBER 19, 2010:  The Eastern Pro National Series came to an exciting close in Dayton Tennessee with over 2000 spectators in attendance! Congratulations to the Champions Bill Barton in the Unlimited Class, Danny Rohrer in the Pro Modified Class and Duane Garretson in the Modified Stock Class.  The Pro Modified Class had points battles to the end that made every obstacle important for all six competitors going for the title.  The Champions will be presented at the W.E. Rock Grand National Championship, where the East meets the West drivers, at Miller Motorsports Park September 24th and 25th. Read More→

Raceline 2nd Annual Show and Shine & Raceline Volunteer Dinner a Success

GARDEN GROVE, CA    FEBRUARY 24, 2011:  Raceline Wheels spent the week at the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers supporting all the racers, volunteers and spectators.  Seventeen finishers had Raceline Wheels on their rigs crossing the finish line.

The wheels proved once again to hold up to the most challenging races in the United States battling huge rocks, desert whoops and sand washes at speed.  There is no doubt that the Monster Wheel could stand to battle and was also seen on quite a few trail rigs loaded with spectators headed out to watch the action.  “Raceline Wheels makes a tough wheel.  We raced almost eight miles on a flat at King of the Hammers this year and the wheel is still totally straight,” said Lucas Murphy #816. Read More→

Raceline 2nd Annual Show and Shine & Raceline Volunteer, Driver and Crew Dinner

GARDEN GROVE, CA    JANUARY 31, 2011:  Raceline Wheels was one of the original sponsors of the King of the Hammers in 2008 and continues to be the Official Wheel of the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers.  In this years race 53 of the 148 listed racers are utilizing Raceline Wheels.  “Many racers in the Ultra4 class have experienced the Raceline effect: winning races and more importantly finishing races,” said Raceline Offroad Brand Manager Greg Mulkey. Read More→

GARDEN GROVE, CA    DECEMBER 30, 2010:  Raceline Wheels is a big supporter of those that fight to keep our public land open, long-standing leaders in the industry and key events.  “When it comes down to it, if these guys and gals aren’t out doing their job, we all may not have a job or a place to use our wheels,” said Greg Mulkey.  Raceline Wheels supports the Blue Ribbon Coalition, ORBA, key leaders like Del Albright and Dan Mick and multiple race series including W.E. Rock, CalRocks, SNORE and the King of the Hammers. Read More→

Raceline Wheels Rock Crawl Across the Nation

Monday, October 25th, 2010

GARDEN GROVE, CA    OCTOBER 22, 2010:  There is no doubt that the Monster RT233 Wheel has found a home in the Rock Crawling Arena.  With events across the nation, the Raceline Wheels are crawling with the best.

In the W.E. Rock West and East series, a good portion of the drivers run Raceline Wheels so it is never difficult to find a podium finish for the Raceline Team.  Kenny Blume and son Branden competed in 4 challenging competitions and was crowned the 2010 Pro Modified W.E. Rock East Coast champion.  The team followed up their yearlong success with a 2nd place finish at the W.E. Rock Grand Nationals at Miller Motorsports Park. Read More→

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GARDEN GROVE, CA    SEPTEMBER 28, 2010    Raceline Wheel, a leader in the off road and street market for 15 years, rolls out a complete line of ATV and UTV Wheels and Tires.  “We are really excited to introduce the Monster and Spyder wheels alongside the Raceline MT tire,” said Jason Divis, UTV/ATV Category Manager for Raceline Motorsports.

Raceline first introduced the Monster ATV/UTV Wheel after the huge success in the off road 4WD market.  The machined finish gives the vehicle a hint of class, while still easy to clean after a day pounding through the mud and rocks.  Now you can have a quality look without sacrificing performance. Read More→

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GARDEN GROVE, CA    AUGUST 25, 2010: The new Raceline 982 Raptor wheel is the best on the market for sport, heavy duty and 4 wheel drive trucks along with SUV’s and Jeeps.  The 982 Raptor wheel completes the look of your daily driver in either a machined and clear coated finish, or in a mirrored chrome plated finish with trendy black highlights creating a spoke look.  The wheel is also available in all black under the product name 981 Raptor Black.

This brand new wheel comes in four sizes: 16×8, 17×9, 20×8.5 and 20×10.  They are available for 5, 6 and 8 lug trucks/SUV’s with various bolt patterns, back space and center bores. Raceline Raptor wheels have proven to be one of the best wheels on the market for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan Trucks, SUV’s and Jeeps.

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GARDEN GROVE, CA    AUGUST 20, 2010:  Raceline Wheels are so tough they can run without a tire for multiple miles in the rough Nevada desert.  Jesse Haines crossed the finish line without a tire for over 10 miles, and Chris Ridgway made it 20 miles to the next pit on a Raceline Wheel. In both instances only seconds separated them from their competitor at the finish line. Read More→

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GARDEN GROVE, CA    JULY 27, 2010:  Chris Ridgway took the checkered flag at Octane Fest, and Kevin Yoder placed first in the Ultra4 class of the Xtreme Outlaw 250 race.

Chris Ridgway battled against JT Taylor, Mike Turner and Jesse Haines at the 2010 Octane Fest TUFF-CUP Pro Arena Rock Racing on a GP style track with strategically placed tires and logs as obstacles.  All four rock racers were sporting the Monster Raceline Wheels.  JT Taylor qualified with the fastest time, which put him on the pole position and Ridgway next to him.  JT Taylor took the hole shot, but in the third and final lap of the main event, Ridgway cut to the inside and passed JT Taylor in the corner just before they got to the set of tires.  Ridgway confirmed the lead hopping over the tires and the logs first.  “It was a clean pass, and a lot of fun racing on this style track,” said JT Taylor. Read More→

He Prepares for 2010 X-Games as Reigning Gold Medalist

APPLE VALLEY, CA – July 21, 2010:  Chris Ridgway participated in last weekends VORRA (Valley Off Road Racing Association) Fallon 250 desert race in the Trent Fab buggy and placed 2nd by a mere 34 seconds.  “It was a fast course, and we had no issues until the last lap when we got a flat.  When we got out to change it, we had lost the tool kit that had the lug wrench in it!  We jumped back in and had to run 20 miles on the Raceline Wheel to the next pit where one of our competitor’s pit crews changed it for us,” said Ridgway.  “While in the pits, we got passed for the lead and had to drive the last 10 miles at warp speed, but it wasn’t enough.” Read More→