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Roll Your Own Way – Jeep JK Wheel Adapter and Dodge 8-Lug Spacer

JK wheel adapter 1100 300x199 JK Wheel Adapter, Dodge 8 Lug Wheel Spacer   Rough Country Suspension SystemsDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE— Rough Country’s new JK Wheel Adapter will revolutionize the way you roll. This simple adapter allows you to run previous model wheels on Jeep JK’s. Why bother with the limited options and higher cost of newer wheels? This adapting spacer retrofits your JK’s existing 5X5″ bolt pattern to a 5X4.5″ bolt pattern, affording you the ability to run TJ, XJ, and YJ wheels. This bolt-on adapter also acts as a 1.5″ wheel spacer, allowing use of a wider tire on stock wheels and giving your vehicle an aggressive look. Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum, these wheels are corrosion resistant and ready to withstand the elements. Retails for $59.95. Read More→

Perfectly Balanced

YJ N2-Series Dominates On and Off-Road

YJ rocks 300x199 Rough Country 4 N2 Series Suspension Lift for Jeep YJDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Looking for uncompromised performance on and off-road? The 4″ N2-Series Kit for Jeep YJ was engineered by Rough Country’s Research and Development Team to give the perfect blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride. A set of application tuned, lifted leaf springs are included in this kit along with a power steering pitman arm and brake line relocation bracket. The 4″ N2-Series kit also includes a tubular transfer case drop kit to maintain proper driveshaft angles as well as track bar drop brackets, bumpstops, and a full set of sway bar links. Most notably this kit is outfitted with the all-new N2.0 Shock Absorbers, nitrogen charged and specifically tested and tuned for YJ applications. This allows for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off road situations from the same shock. This kit retails for $449.95 Read More→

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jkclose 300x199 Protection, Redefined   JK Front Bumper with Recessed Winch PlateDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Rough Country Suspension ® Products is proud to announce The JK Front Bumper with recessed winch plate and integrated fog light mounts. This high-tensile steel bumper gives Jeep JK’s a menacing look while providing more tire clearance and better approach angles for flexing. With it’s durable carbon black coating and integrated fog light mounts which utilize the vehicles factory lights, this stubby bumper will turn heads on and off the highway. A recessed winch mount plate helps protect your winch and line as it rests partially hidden behind the bumper, and allows you to mount the winch fairlead on the outside for ease of use. Upgrade your JK Front Bumper with some eye-catching upgrades such as an optional light bar with mounting brackets, or heavy-duty Stinger for a high-profile look. A mountable set of D-rings is also available and can be used with either accessory. Read More→

RoughCountryTJ N2 1 300x199 PERFECTLY BALANCED: NEW 4 N2 SERIES TJ KIT DOMINATES ON AND OFF ROADDYERSBURG, TENNESSEEWho says your daily driver and your weekend warrior can’t be the same vehicle? The 4″ N2-Series Kit for Jeep TJ was engineered by Rough Country’s Research and Development Team to give the perfect blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride. A set of application tuned, lifted coil springs are included in this kit along with a set of tubular lower control arms outfitted with rubber Clevite bushings for the best in vibration dampening. The 4″ N2-Series kit also includes a tubular transfer case drop kit, track bar bracket; and a full set of extended sway bar links. Most notably this kit is outfitted with the all-new N2.0 Shock Absorbers, nitrogen charged and specifically tested and tuned for TJ applications. This allows for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off road situations from the same shock. The 4″ N2-Series Kit for Jeep TJ retails for $499.95 Read More→

image002 300x199 Optimum Articulation   Fine Tune Your Jeep XJ with Rough Countrys Shackle Relocation KitDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE— Fine-tuning the rear suspension travel of your Jeep XJ has never been easier, thanks to Rough Country’s Jeep XJ Shackle Relocation Kit. Featuring a set of frame brackets and shackle brackets, this kit relocates the stock shackle positioning, preventing it from bottoming out against the unibody. Once installed, the shackle is capable of a much greater range of motion, offering increased articulation for off-road use. Whether you run a stock or aftermarket shackle, need to accommodate various sized leaf springs, or want to use in conjunction with a separate lift kit, these shackle brackets offer 5 different mounting points which allow you to select the shackle angle you prefer with the equipment you have. Depending on which mounting point you select, this kit can provide up to 1.5″ of lift as well. These powder coated components feature 100% bolt-on installation, making them one of the easiest Shackle Kits to install in the industry, all at an industry leading price of $119.95 Read More→


Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Rough Country Unveils 4” Jeep ZJ Long Arm Suspension Kit

 EXTREME FLEX WITHOUT THE EXTREME PRICEDYERSBURG, TENNESSEERough Country Suspension Systems announces an exciting new addition to the family of Jeep ZJ Lift kits with the highly anticipated 4” Longarm X-Series package. Boasting some impressive features, the ZJ Longarm Kit is a comprehensive package including everything needed for a great suspension lift while maintaining the vehicle’s crucial center of gravity. The kit includes adjustable high-clearance X-Flex upper and lower control arms featuring the new, rebuildable X-Flex joints with Adjustable Retainer Rings that allow you to preload our Clevite bushings by compressing them prior to install. The kit also includes 4” coil springs,  front adjustable track bar with drop bracket, ¼” thick steel crossmember and skid plate, sway bar disconnects, and much, much more. Outfitted with Rough Country’s Performance 2.2 shocks, this Longarm Lift Kit is a total solution comprised of top-notch components. Read More→

2010 12 RoughCountryJeepZJ4 1 300x199 Rough Country’s New 4” Jeep ZJ Kit Offers More Parts for LessDYERSBURG, TENNESSEERough Country Suspension Systems announced today, an exciting new addition to the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup. The new ’93 – ’98 4” Series II Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep ZJ boasts a more than impressive list of components designed to make sure you get everything you need in one package and at a great price. A set of front and rear lifted coil springs help level the vehicle and provide a mean looking 4″ of boosted ride height, giving you the necessary clearance for all your off-road endeavors. In addition, this kit comes with front sway-bar links, front and rear sway-bar brackets, bump-stop extensions, and a rear track bar bracket. A set of four Hydro 8000 shocks are included with an upgrade to Nitro 9000 shocks available for $25. Read More→

cadblock Rough Country Announces 6” Chevy Lift That Prevents Axle WrapREVAMPED LIFT KIT NOW TO INCLUDE ANTI-WRAP REAR BLOCKS

DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE— Rough Country Suspension ® Products announces an innovative addition to the popular 6” Chevy 1500 Suspension Lift Kit. Rough Country’s new pre-fabricated anti-wrap rear blocks are custom designed to prevent axle-wrap – a common issue where the axle rotates opposite of the wheel under torque causing potentially severe damage to the vehicle. With a trapezoidal shape and wider surface area, these anti-wrap rear blocks are significantly less susceptible to wrapping and offer far greater peace of mind when towing or off-roading. This Chevy Lift Kit also includes a heavy duty skid plate, laser cut cross members, torsion bar cross-member drop brackets, and lifted knuckles. A set of front and rear Nitro 9000 Shock absorbers are included; featuring self adjusting Velocity Sensitive Valving - a revolutionary technology that varies the resistance valving incorporated in the shock according to piston rod speed. The 6” Chevy 1500 Suspension Lift caters to ’99 – ’06 4wd models and retails for $999.95. A non-torsion bar version is also available starting at $1199.95.

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2010 08 DodgeRoughCountry 300x259 Rough Country Suspension Announces Dodge 1500 4” and 6” LiftsDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE— Rough Country Suspension ® Products is proud to announce the new line of Dodge 1500 4” and 6” Suspension lift Kits. Designed to offer an affordable way to maximize off-road performance and run up to 37” tires, these kits offer high quality, heavy-duty equipment for ’06 – ’08 and ’09 and up model Dodge 1500’s. Utilizing heavy-duty, laser cut, steel equipment engineered by Rough Country, the 6” Suspension Lift is a complete kit that includes everything needed for outstanding off-road performance. High-clearance front and rear cross-members provide enough room for off-road climbs and runs. A heavy-duty skid plate shields the vehicle’s differential.  Also included in this kit are a set of driver and passenger side cast knuckles, lengthened to promote proper geometry once the vehicle is lifted and a pair of rear Performance 2.2 shock absorbers – Rough Country’s premiere shocks; custom valved specifically for unparalleled off-road performance while maintaining superb highway handling. The 6” Dodge 1500 lift retails for the market leading price of $1399.95. Rough Country has also introduced a 4” version of this kit as well as a 4” and 6” ’06 – ’08 model version starting at $949.95 Read More→

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jkbodylift1 25 Rough Country 1 1/4 Jeep JK Body Lift with Shifter AdapterDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE: Rough Country Suspension Systems announces release of the new 1 ¼” Jeep JK Body Lift Kit for manual transmission models. This Body Lift provides a full 1.25″ of additional tire clearance, as opposed to the standard 1″ provided by most other manufacturers. The 1.25″ fiberglass reinforced nylon spacers nest with the factory body mounts keeping the body properly aligned with the frame. This design not only provides lift but also retains the noise and vibration canceling characteristics of the factory mounts while offering a tough enough build to withstand the elements and hazards on the trail. Read More→


2010 06 RoughCountryJK Large 300x199 Rough Country’s New Jeep Lift Kit Won’t Leave You HangingDYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Rough Country Suspension ® Products launches an interesting addition to the popular 1 ¼” Jeep TJ Body Lift Kit today, with the inclusion of new rear bumper brackets at no additional cost. When installed, these brackets elevate the rear bumper flush with the rest of the vehicle’s frame, thus eliminating the usual gap that occurs. Read More→

2010 03 RoughCountry 150x150 Rough Country 4” & 6” Lift Kits for 2009 2010 Ford F 150Dyersburg, TN – If you want your 2009-2010 F-150 to stand out from the crowd, you should take a serious look at the new 4” and 6” lift kits offered by Rough Country. The new kits are built from high quality components yet hit the market at an unbelievable value price. These complete kits include front and rear crossmembers, front knuckles, differential drop brackets, front strut spacers, sway bar brackets, front skid plate, front brake line bracket and driveshaft spacer. The  rear lift is completed with Rough Country’s innovative anti-wrap blocks, u-bolts and premium 2.2 shock absorbers.

For more information about the new 2009-2010 4” and 6” Ford F-150 lift kits, please contact Rough Country Suspension® Products at or call 800-222-7023 today! You may also contact Rough Country® to find an authorized dealer near you, or visit the “Dealer Locator” link at

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