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2011 04 JTTaylor 300x199 Torchmate Racing Sends Three Cars to BITD Bilek Silver State 300 JT Taylor #4413, Jesse Haines #4499, Mike Shaffer #1066RENO, NV     APRIL 27, 2011   Torchmate Racing JT Taylor will be driving #4413 and Jesse Haines will be driving #4499 at the Best in the Desert Bilek Silver State 300 race this weekend in the commonly known Ultra4 class which will be the largest class at this years Silver State event.  Mike Shaffer will be running the Torchmate racing #1066 Class 1000 car.  The race will start in Alamo, Nevada about 95 miles north of Las Vegas on Saturday April 30th. The Aliante Casino & Resort will host the race events and tech and inspection on Friday. Read More→

RJ Anderson in overall points lead, CJ Greaves, Chad George give chase

SURPRISE, ARIZ. (April 19, 2011) — Before a hometown crowd, Jacob Person put on a display of dirt track dominance that had his orange-shirted cheering section out of their seats and shouting themselves hoarse, as he knocked down back-to-back wins for the SuperLite Championship Round 3 and 4 weekend at Speedworld Off Road Park. Read More→

2011 04 BradLovell 300x199 Torchmate Racing Brad Lovell Takes Overall Win at BRT Desert Race, Jesse Haines Wins Cal Neva Extreme and Tyler Thomas and Matt Shrive Compete at 2011 Arctic ManRENO, NV     APRIL 13, 2011   Torchmate Racing had drivers at every aspect of the country last weekend.  In Texas, Brad Lovell made history taking the Overall Win at the BRT Blackwelll 250 Desert Race in an Ultra4 car.  Rock Crawler Jesse Haines took the Unlimited Class win at the Cal-Neva Extreme event in Reno, NV successfully completing every bonus line.  In Alaska, Torchmate Racing Tyler Thomas and Matt Shrive raced in the 2011 Arctic Man where their hopes of leaving with the win got cut short when Shrive crashed at speeds over 50mph on his snowboard. Read More→

2011 04 Torchmate WERock RogerNorman1 300x199 Roger Norman Rock Crawls with Torchmate Racing and Takes 3rd in Rookie AppearanceRENO, NV     APRIL 7, 2011  – Roger Norman decided to compete in another discipline of racing this year: Rock Crawling.  In his rookie appearance at the W.E. Rock West Tucson, AZ event he challenged himself and finished on the podium in his Torchmate Racing Pro Mod #8 rock crawler.  “Rock crawling is tougher than it looks,” exclaimed successful Trophy Truck racer Roger Norman. “There is actually a ton of strategy and teamwork involved.” Read More→

2011 04 TorchmateRacing Shrive Tyler 300x223 Torchmate Racing Tyler Thomas and Matt Shrive will Compete At 2011 Arctic Man RENO, NV     APRIL 5, 2011   Torchmate Racing Tyler Thomas and Matt Shrive will compete in the 2011 Tesoro Arctic Man Friday April 8, 2011 in Summit Lake, Alaska approximately 280 miles north east of Anchorage.  A combination of downhill snowboarding and snowmobiling, Arctic Man is a 5.5 mile race that only takes 4.5 minutes to complete.   Tyler Thomas remembers, “I asked Matt one day at work ‘Hey Matt, do you want to go 100mph behind my sled holding onto a 15ft rope?’  His answer was ‘Yea, sure I will!’  Not your average guy wants to go 100+ on a snowboard let alone behind a snowmobile, so I knew I had the missing link to make this dream happen!” Read More→

2011 03 JesseHaines 300x199 Torchmate Racing Heads to Warmer Weather at W.E. Rock Nationals Jesse Haines and Roger Norman to CompeteRENO, NV     MARCH 30, 2011   Torchmate Racing will be in full force at the opening round of the W.E. Rock Nationals this weekend in Tucson, AZ with Jesse Haines competing in the Unlimited Class and Roger Norman competing in the ProMod Class.  Also on the track this weekend will be Torchmate Racing Rusty Bray at the TREC series and five-year-old Gwen Garwood in a Sprint Kid Kart.

Jesse Haines bought his winning Unlimited Class buggy back and is excited to be competing in the Unlimited Class this year.  “Not many people know, but I sold my Pro Mod and will be running the Unlimited Class again,” said Haines.  JT Taylor will be spotting for Haines.  He has won an astounding twelve rock crawling competitions from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and had dozens of podium finishes. Between competitions, Haines has built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and other competitors. Read More→

Torchmate Racing Mike Shaffer Bets Big at Mint 400

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

2011 03 MikeShafferClass10 300x225 Torchmate Racing Mike Shaffer Bets Big at Mint 400 RENO, NV     MARCH 23, 2011   Mike Shaffer will compete in Class 10 at the SNORE Mint 400 this weekend.  Representing Torchmate Racing, Shaffer will start 15th in Class 10 in car number 1066.  “With this not being a points race for us, we have one objective and that is to not hold back, but be on the throttle from the start line,” said driver of record Mike Shaffer.  “We know with this size of a field that the winner will be the one that runs wide open with no issues to the finish, we just hope to be that team!” Read More→

2010 03 TorchmateKOH1 300x199 Torchmate Racing Team Finds Success at King of the Hammers RENO, NV     MARCH 2, 2011   Torchmate Racing debuted its new Ultra4 car at the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers with JT Taylor and Nick Socha navigating, alongside teammates Jesse Haines, Roger Lovell, Brad Lovell and Rusty Bray.  Roger Lovell finished 17th, Rusty Bray finished 45th and Jesse Haines finished 46th.   JT Taylor’s rear drive shaft along with cooling issues and Brad Lovell’s front differential were the final challenges in their race efforts on Friday February 11, 2011.  “The Torchmate crew attacked and conquered all the challenges of the week, it is an amazing group of people that are strong willed and ready to help each other get to the start line and all the way to the finish line,” said JT Taylor, Torchmate Racing General Manager. Read More→

$500 off Select CNC Cutting Systems at 4 Wheel Parts King of the Hammers Showroom-on-Wheels

2011 02 TorchmateKOH 1 300x199 Torchmate Racing Team Unveils Brand New Car at King of the Hammers RENO, NV     FEBRUARY 3, 2011   The innovators of CNC Cutting Systems for the everyday garage enthusiast gathered key builders and tools to work at their Reno, NV facility to build a one-of-a-kind Ultra4 car that will race in the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers next Friday.  “It has been quite a challenge, but it is amazing the car that this group has been able to assemble,” said JT Taylor, General Manager for the Torchmate Racing Team.  “I am excited to be able to compete in this race and the rest of the Ultra4 races in this rig and proving it as a winning car.” Read More→

2011 01 TorchmateProModified 225x300 Torchmate Racing Team Hits King of the Hammers With $500 Off 2x2 CNC Tables  RENO, NV     JANUARY 27, 2011   The Torchmate Racing team taking on the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers includes championship drivers JT Taylor, Jesse Haines, Brad Lovell and Roger Lovell.  Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems will be running tables the entire week of the event, with the ability to purchase on the lakebed at 4 Wheel Parts at a special price $500 off the 2×2 CNC Machine and onsite financing.  “I am really excited about the new relationship between Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems and 4 Wheel Parts.  The response to our latest Torchmate 2×2 CNC Prototyping System has been overwhelming,” said owner of Torchmate Bill Kunz.  “The partnership with 4 Wheel Parts is going to allow us to get the word out that CNC plasma cutting and routing technology is available to everyone, not only the fabricating elite.” Read More→

2011 01 TorchmateGregNorman1 225x300 Roger Norman Teams with Torchmate Racing for 2011 W.E. Rock SeriesRENO, NV     JANUARY 17, 2011  – Roger Norman will add to his repertoire of off-road racing competing in the 2011 W.E. Rock West Series with the Torchmate Racing Team.  “I am really excited to be able to learn and participate in the rock crawling series,” said Roger Norman.  “Being able to be a part of the Torchmate team is great, it allows me to have a solid chance at learning from the best, in a proven machine.” Read More→

2010 11 TorchmateBaja1000 300x194 Torchmate Racing Battles the 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 and Gives Back to Local OrphanageRENO, NV     NOVEMBER 30, 2010   The Torchmate Racing team ran the #601 Truck in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 and gave back to the community participating in the Baja Support Run IV at a local orphanage.   Their race was cut short, but the Baja experience is irreplaceable.  “It’s Baja, and it’s racing.  If it was easy everyone would do it,” shrugged team manager JT Taylor.  “The team put a valiant effort into the entire race, and we were bit by a mechanical problem that was insolvable in the middle of the desert.”

The Torchmate team took on a new look and growl for the 2010 race with a fresh wrap and exhaust system.  The truck looked fast with a bright Torchmate Plasma Arc flying down the side, a special design by Bill Brindle of B3 Kreativ, Editor of Dirt Sports Magazine Marty Fiolka and Torchmate Team Owner Bill Kunz.  Also before the race, both the Class 6 truck and the chase Ford Raptors were upgraded with a Magnaflow Exhaust “that significantly helped with the tone and performance of the trucks,” commented JT Taylor.

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