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New Product – Tacoma SAS Kit B

Friday, January 28th, 2011


Our Tacoma Solid Axle Swap Kit B comes with everything you need, and more, to complete your SAS with a Toyota based axle housing. Trail-Gear has worked tirelessly to put together the most complete kit on the market at the most affordable price.

Every component has been engineered for maximum durability and tested using the most advanced engineering technology in the industry. We have included all of the necessary steering parts, oil pan conversion kit, cross member, and everything else you will need to do the job right. Read More→

Trail-Gear – New Product Releases!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Trail-Gear is proud to introduce a great group of new products:  Complete Tacoma SAS Kit, Tacoma Rear Lift Kit, O.D Tube Clamps and the Rock Defense Tacoma Single T-case Crossmember! Read More→

Rock Defense Tacoma Bumpers

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Rock Defense™ Tacoma Front Bumper – 120176-1-K
Rock Defense™ Tacoma Rear Bumper – 120153-1-K

Trail-Gear is proud to introduce the first of many Tacoma bumpers that we will be adding to our product line. The Rock Defense™ Tacoma Bumper will fit Tacoma’s from 94 1/2 to 2004. All Trail-Gear bumpers are constructed with 1.75″ x .120″ wall, 1035 DOM material. This bumper is a true “bolt on” product, no cutting or welding required.

Mounting holes on the winch plate are drilled for most 5000-9500 model low-profile winches and smaller sized 9.0R winches. For larger winches some minor trimming of the grill may be required. Bumper also features a 2″ receiver that will make a great anchor point for winch or strap recoveries.

Note: Turn signal and license plate mounting tabs are not included. Unpainted steel finish. Will not work with roller type fairlead, requires hawse type fairlead. Not intended for use with a body lift.

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Rock Assault™ 3.0L V6 Power Steering Pump Kit

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

We all know that the stock pump on a 3.0 is just not enough to turn big tires or run a ram assist and when you try and drill out the inlet to get more volume the result is a loud pump followed by pump failure. A new Toyota stock pump puts out around 1,300 PSI at only one gallon per minute. Our Rock Assault™ Pumps put out 1,450 and 1,650 PSI at 4-4.5 GPM, which is more than enough volume to provide you with the steering power that you will need to turn big tires or run a ram assist or full hydraulic steering system.

Trail-Gear has handpicked each component in this kit to ensure quality, ease of installation, and durability. This kit ships complete with all parts included and full color installation instructions.

Application Notes: This pump and bracket is designed to fit all Toyota V6 3.0 Pickups and 4Runners from 1989-1995. This kit does not work with 3.0 Tacoma’s. This kit will not work on 4Runners with a functioning AC, because the AC cooling fan must be removed for the placement of the PS Pump cooler.

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Rock Recovery™ Winch Line

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Trail-Gear knows that when it is time for a recovery that the last thing you need is a broken winch line, so we made our Rock Recovery™ Winch Line  from 100% pure Dyneema Fiber (SK-75), which is the strongest and most UV resistant material in the world for synthetic winch lines. Our Rock Recovery™ Winch Lines come with a stainless steel thimble and are all pre-stretched, 12-strand braids. They also come with the first 5 feet covered with a black nylon sleeve to protect the line from rocks and trees.

Synthetic winch line is about 45% stronger than conventional steel cable and weighs only a fraction of what steel cable weighs. In fact, synthetic winch line is so light it floats on water. When steel cable winch line fails, breaks, or comes off of the attachment point it recoils from stored energy, snaps back, and can be deadly. There is almost no snap back at all with synthetic winch line because it does not store energy like the steel cable, this is why steel cable winch line is no longer permitted at most off road competitions or races. Synthetic winch line is very flexible, but does not curl or kink and will never cut your fingers.

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Tacoma Rear Frame Reinforcement plates

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

1995-2004 Tacomas have c-channel frames that are notorious for bending and cracking. The c-channel frame also contributes to axle wrap and wheel hoop at the rear axle. Toyota’s answer to this issue was to box in and reinforce the frame on the newer 05-09 Tacoma’s and FJ Cruisers. Our solution is our Taco Rear Frame Reinforcement Plates.

This kit will help you avoid costly frame repairs and give your frame more strength, fixing many of the issues a c-channel frame causes while offroading. The kit comes complete with frame plates for both the left and right side. The kit is shipped unpainted and some modifications will be necessary when using this kit with a double cab.

Fits 95-04 Standard or Extra Cab.

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Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Need to place a support tube across your truggy or buggy, but need the flexibility to remove a motor, transmission, or even a seat. We have the perfect solution for you, Trail-Gear’s Interlocking Tube Clamps. They are machined from 100% 4130 Chromoly and use a counter sunk allen head screw. Sold separately.

Part #Outer DiameterWall ThicknessPrice

Coming soon:

  • 1″ OD x .065″ wall
  • 1″ OD x .120″ wall
  • 1-1/2″ OD x .095″ wall
  • 1-1/2″ OD x .120″ wall
  • 1-3/4″ OD x .095″ wall
  • 1-3/4″ OD x .120″ wall

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Rock Defense™ Tube Doors

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Tired of beating up your stock doors on the rocks or hanging your head out the window so you can see where you’re going? Trail-Gear has the answer. We are proud to introduce our new Rock Defense™ Tube Doors for 2nd gen trucks and 4runners, the first of many applications to come. Our Rock Defense™ Tube Doors are the strongest on the market and made from 1 3/4” x .120” wall 1035 DOM tubing to ensure that they will protect you and your truck from the rocks. Read More→

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Rock Assault™ Recovery Straps

Monday, July 19th, 2010

We all know that recovery is just a natural part of four wheeling and rock crawling, and we also know how it feels to not have the right recovery equipment when you need it. That is why Trail-Gear has looked long and hard to find just the right recovery straps for rock crawling and extreme four wheeling.

Our Rock Assault™ Recovery Straps are made from 100% high-tenacity, polyester double ply webbing that is UV and abrasion resistant. The eyelets or loops are reinforced with an abrasion resistant material for maximum strength and durability.  The load or tow rating on the 2” wide straps is 18,000lbs, and the 3” wide straps have a tow or load rating of 35,000lbs.

Our Rock Assault™ Left-Hand Drop Front Axle Housing works great for 95 1/2 – 04 Tacomas with left-hand drop t-cases.

Note: Does not come with short side shaft.

Available Options:

  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, Bare, 140284-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, w/Spring Perches, 140285-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, Bare, E-Locker, 140290-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, w/Spring Perches, E-Locker, 140291-1-K, $649

Trail-Gear Rock Ripper™ Toy Header

Monday, March 29th, 2010

79-84, 186053-1-K
85-95, 186063-1-K

Trail-Gear has raised the bar yet again in the Toyota Off Road Industry with the newest addition to our product line, a stainless steel header. Our Rock Ripper™ Toy Header is the best on the market today, it features 100% polished stainless steel 1/16″ thick tubes going into a 1/2″ thick header to head mounting flange. We tig welded everything and then polished it to give it a clean look. The Rock Ripper™ Toy Header is not only made out of the thickest material on the market, but since it is stainless it will not rust, or corrode and does not need to be ceramic coated or wrapped. The Rock Ripper™ Toy Header is plug and play, and all gaskets, connectors, and pipes are included along with full color instructions.

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Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


Trail-Gear is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Rock Assault™ Axle Housing family, our Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing.  This exclusive axle design is the first in the industry to be released with all new parts. That’s right, our axle housing is not made with 30-year-old used knuckle balls. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger then stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls. Read More→