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RENO, NV     APRIL 7, 2011  – Roger Norman decided to compete in another discipline of racing this year: Rock Crawling.  In his rookie appearance at the W.E. Rock West Tucson, AZ event he challenged himself and finished on the podium in his Torchmate Racing Pro Mod #8 rock crawler.  “Rock crawling is tougher than it looks,” exclaimed successful Trophy Truck racer Roger Norman. “There is actually a ton of strategy and teamwork involved.” Read More→

RENO, NV     MARCH 30, 2011   Torchmate Racing will be in full force at the opening round of the W.E. Rock Nationals this weekend in Tucson, AZ with Jesse Haines competing in the Unlimited Class and Roger Norman competing in the ProMod Class.  Also on the track this weekend will be Torchmate Racing Rusty Bray at the TREC series and five-year-old Gwen Garwood in a Sprint Kid Kart.

Jesse Haines bought his winning Unlimited Class buggy back and is excited to be competing in the Unlimited Class this year.  “Not many people know, but I sold my Pro Mod and will be running the Unlimited Class again,” said Haines.  JT Taylor will be spotting for Haines.  He has won an astounding twelve rock crawling competitions from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and had dozens of podium finishes. Between competitions, Haines has built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and other competitors. Read More→

RENO, NV     JANUARY 17, 2011  – Roger Norman will add to his repertoire of off-road racing competing in the 2011 W.E. Rock West Series with the Torchmate Racing Team.  “I am really excited to be able to learn and participate in the rock crawling series,” said Roger Norman.  “Being able to be a part of the Torchmate team is great, it allows me to have a solid chance at learning from the best, in a proven machine.” Read More→

W.E. Rock Eastern US National Rocks to a Close

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

PLACERVILLE, CA   AUGUST 31, 2010: Mountain Extreme Park in Dayton, Tennessee hosted the 4th and final 2010 W.E. Rock Eastern US National Event, hosted by Tom’s 4×4 Super Store. Over 20 pro and local teams came to the two night event and battled in front of the record crowd. “There were 3,800 spectators over the 2 day event, making this the largest crowd in W.E. Rock history,” stated Rich Klein, race promoter.  “The Mountain Extreme Park is a perfect place to watch rock crawling, putting the spectators within 10 feet of the action and giving them the ability to see every course from one spot.” Read More→

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PLACERVILLE, CA   AUGUST 3, 2010:  The W.E. Rock Western Pro National Final held at the Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, UT finished the season with a different winner in both the Unlimited and Pro Modified classes for the fourth competition in a row.  There were several battles over the course of two days fighting to be the winner in each class of this final race of the series.

Both the Unlimited and the Pro Modified class had top three place battles going all weekend.  In the Unlimited class, it came down to the shootout where Dion Wakefield from Canada proved to be a huge threat by taking first place. Brent Bradshaw was hot on his tail with a close 2nd place finish, and Matt Messer finished 3rd.  In the Pro Modified class, Jesse Haines claimed the win over Nick Campbell, taking it down to the wire and winning the points lead with his shootout score. Troy Bailey took third in the class rounding out yet another amazing competition.  “Every single event in the W.E. Rock Western series has been won by someone different in the Unlimited and Pro Modified classes,” said Rich Klein, W.E. Rock Promoter.  The Unlimited winners have been Tracy Jordan, Brent Bradshaw, Matt Messer, and Dion Wakefield.  The Pro Modified winners were Troy Bailey, Brad Lovell, Nick Campbell and Jesse Haines. Read More→

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PLACERVILLE, CA   JULY 22, 2010:  Miller Motorsports Park will host the final round of the TeraFlex / Tuff Country Western Championship Series Friday night July 30th and Saturday night July 31st.   Fifty teams have committed to putting tread marks down at this first ever event under the lights at the brand new facility.  Hundreds of tickets have already been sold, making this already one of the largest events on the West Coast. Read More→

PLACERVILLE, CA   JUNE 30, 2010: Dayton Tennessee’s Mountain Extreme Park hosted the 2nd W.E. Rock Eastern US National Event. Even though the weather tried to put a damper on the night event, drivers and spectators didn’t leave until the final course was complete.

“There were probably more spectators at this event than at any other W.E. Rock event to date,” stated Rich Klein, race promoter.  “When the rain started pouring on Saturday night and the spectators disappeared we thought we had seen the last of them, but as the rain lifted and the events continued, they all returned until it was completely over, which was about 3am with the delay.  It was awesome!” Read More→

RENO, NV   JUNE 25, 2010:  The most highly anticipated event of the year, Rock’n @ the Ranch W.E. Rock Western US National, held at Donner Ski Ranch over Father’s Day weekend, was a competitor and crowd pleaser.  The event attracted 28 teams with spectators and crews littered all over the mountain.

“The courses were insane, we beat ourselves and our rigs up,” stated competitor Matt Messer from Trail Gear who took his first ever Unlimited class win.  Drivers competed on some of the hardest natural terrain courses this location has ever seen and there was plenty of rollover action, which is typical for Donner with the amount of ledges, drop-offs and amazing rocky formations.  “We really had a lot of fun putting these courses together, they were really technical and focused on the drivers skills,” said Rich Klein, event promoter. Read More→

RENO, NV   JUNE 14, 2010:  Rock’n @ the Ranch, the 3rd event of the W.E. Rock Western US National Series, will take place at Donner Ski Ranch in Norden, CA over Father’s Day weekend, June 19th-20th, 2010. The event is set to attract at least 55 teams who will compete on some of the craziest courses this location has ever seen.  To kick off the weekend events, Torchmate will be hosting the Team Meet and Greet BBQ during Tech Inspection at the Torchmate facilities in Reno, NV. Read More→

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PLACERVILLE, CA    MAY 25, 2010: The Maxxis W.E. Rock Eastern US National Series opened last weekend at the Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Pennsylvania.  “It was a good weekend of racing, but the shootout on Sunday was crazy with all the bonus line attempts,” said Bruce Shallis, Rausch Creek owner.  The bonus lines had the potential to subtract 160 points possible from scores.  Amazingly there was only one lead change, but many separated their lead significantly. Read More→

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PLACERVILLE, CA    MAY 17, 2010: The Maxxis W.E. Rock Eastern US National Series season opens this weekend May 22nd and 23rd at the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Pennsylvania. Over 45 east coast rock crawling competitors will compete on courses combined of natural and man made terrain that includes a 20 ft vertical climb call the “Hands Climb.” Read More→

PLACERVILLE, CA    MAY 5, 2010:   The W.E. Rock Ballistic Fabrication Pro National Event whipped up the action and the wind at the Tucson, AZ Pima Motorsports Park.  Local Arizona racers competed against national champions with solid performances on the scoreboards, while the wind scattered vendor row and flustered the concentration of some drivers.  The class winners were Brad Lovell, Brent Bradshaw, Todd Stephensen and Nathan Unruh. Read More→

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