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ROCKCRAWLER installs Off Road Engineering's Electronic Idle Speed Controller in the Project TJ.


Step 1 As with anything involving electrical work, start by disconnecting the negative battery lead.

Step 2 Take off the panels around the steering column and the center dash area.


Step 3 You will need to pass the controller's wiring harness through the firewall to get into the engine compartment.

There are two rubber plugs under the dash in over the hump in the center of the firewall. We already had our hand throttle passing through the top one so we chose to use the bottom, circular plug. Carefully, take the plug out, as you will need to make a hole in it to pass the wiring harness through.

Step 4 Because the harness has a large plug on the end which is much larger than the harness itself, we chose to cut in from the outside of the plug and then cut a cross in the middle.

Step 5 There are two wires that are separate from the rest of the harness. These are your power leads.

Step 5 (continued)Use the blue t-tap (or red if your wire is larger) to tap into the ignition wire that leads to the back of the cigarette lighter. On our TJ, this wire is blue. To be sure, use an ohmeter. Touch one lead to a ground and the other to a wire. Using an ohmmeter, both read on the meter. One reads infinite and one does not. The wire reading infinite resistance is the ignition wire. Tap into this. Hook the red wire from the controller to the t-tap and screw the black wire into the metal steering column panel for a ground.

Step 6

WARNING: Do not under any circumstances use this device on the road or highways!

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