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Everyone knows to get those big meats under your fenders, you need to lift your rig up. Rubicon Express offers two suspension lift options; either a 2.5" or a 4" lift. We'll focus here on the installation of the 2.5" on the Jeep Wrangler (YJ).

Thanks to Jerry Frazier for letting us photograph his Wrangler and to John Hargett of Jeep Masters for letting us get in his way while he did all the work!

The kit runs $499.95 USD and comes complete with shocks and all of the necessary hardware to install the lift. Rubicon Express often times varies which shocks they stock. When we got ours we received the Doetch Tech shocks.

You could probably do the kit in your driveway if you're well-stocked with air tools and jack stands. Installation at home would take most of the day.

On the 2.5" kit we put 31x10.50 tires on the Jeep. For 32's or 33's, Rubicon Express recommends the 4" kit.

On to the Install!

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