Day 3 - Moab Rim

Up at the crack of dawn...sort of. My body is raring to go, but my brain says ugh! I crawl out of my bunk at the hostel and begin to prepare myself for the day's journeys. I put on my ugliest jeans and a scrappy shirt. I'm dressed for major Jeeping but my brain is still saying ugh.

Bruce BrownsonNow I begin prepping my TJ. Move this, store that etc.. I think I was mostly trying to get my brain prepped. It was not working!!! I headed to breakfast. Surely, that will get me started. It failed! I faced the facts, as sad as they were. I am not ready to drive anything bouncy. That is really sad, considering that I live on a trampoline and I love to go wheeling But after 25 years of gymnastics, I know when my body and mind are not in sync, and I know not to push it.

I head to a copy center, figuring them not to be open. They were! I planned to prep my brochures (name # etc.). Betty was in charge that day and she was a wheeler and had been looking at buying a portable fridge, so she was real interested. She was a great help and I needed it. Too much mush upstairs. [George sells portable refrigerators from Dometic as a side-business.]

I head down to 4 Wheel of Moab. Eric was set up as my contact by Good move, Mike, because he and his partner and crew are awesome. I hung theere for much of the day shooting the odd and the rolls as they came in to the little shop of gurus. Everything from a cute bucket roadster 4x4 (real bucket body) to...oh my. Can it be?

Bruce BrownsonIt's Bruce Brownson, this month's feature rig on The one that was to never be built again. Well guess what. He'll be building it again, because it rolled over end to end and then sideways. Right now the motor is seized. Further diagnosis tomorrow.

OK. Now my brain is starting to awaken. Hmmmmmm I'm missing the fun! Yeah, Yeah, vrooom vroomm I'm starting to crank. I feel synchronization between body and mind coming...almost got it to start. OK I'll just head up into the hills to take pictures.

Man! This place is gorgeous. I'm two minutes away from town and look what I find!! A little further up the road and I find 4x4's. Fancy that. A group of locals is heading up a trail. Oh, ok. I'll tag along. Hmm what trail it this? Must be a nothing local trail. We climb some stairs, circle some little drop off's, etc. Some have difficulties trying to get their aired down tires to grab the stair and lift the rig up and over. Not an easy trail.

Hmm What trail is this? The locals say...OK, that's all the hard stuff on this trail, so we are turning around now. Sounds good to me, because, though having been more in sync than before, I still am not all there.

Moab RimDown I go, and behind me is a black Land Cruiser. Later, behind me is not a black Cruiser but a kid. "Gotta Winch? We rolled." I don't have one but a big Bronco below me did. I pulled over and walked up as the Bronco headed back up to the rescue. Hmm what trail is this?

Whow..... dats one big rock... er- boulder the hood and windshield are hugging. But... then again without the hug it would have been a long long way down! Righted up with a winch and she drove off. Scarred and dented, but drivable. His new paint job and top....oh well!

What trail is this? Swapped stories with the driver. I did not tell him that my mushy mind failed to even pull my disconnect pins (TK Sliders) or even air down for this jaunt. He admitted "yep. Done this trail a thousand times and I just let myself get comfortable. Taught myself a lesson," he said. "You just can't stop thinking on the"



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