Ram River
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North Ram River Adventure
The Gap Trail

Gap Trail
It had rained much of the day, so coming back up the trails got pretty soupy. Kevin does a bit of mudslingin' for the camera.

Gap Trail
The Mile of Mud was fun coming out of, too. We spent almost two hours getting everyone through the mud pit to get back out.

Gap Trail
Of course, Bruce made easy work of the pit, showing the new isn't always the best.

Gap Trail
The streams had gone up easily a foot higher than our morning crossing.

Gap Trail
Bruce takes the deepest part of the stream to cross.

Gap Trail
Back at camp.

Back at camp, we made some dinner on an open campfire. Rod took over the lumberjacking duties and split the wood and made the fire-top soups. The nite would prove to be very long and very very cold. The temperature dropped below freezing and several members of the gang were kind enough to donate warm dry clothes to this Texan.

More interesting events happened, though I won't get into all of them. Let's just say that mountain air seems to have interesting effects on people in many ways. I'll leave it at that. G'nite.

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