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3.0″ Bypass Shocks from Radflo Suspension Technology

Complete Damping Customization for Professional Off-Road Racing Applications

Fountain Valley, CA – May 2010: For the highest level of performance in the most demanding off-road conditions, Radflo Suspension Technology offers a 3.0” bypass shock absorber. By seamlessly integrating velocity- and position-sensitive valving, Radflo is able to achieve dual shock performance from this single hi-tech damper. As a result, the bypass shock can provide softer damping during initial travel for comfort and smoothness. Without any changes, the same shock can provide much firmer damping during the last few inches of travel to resist bottoming out from harsh impacts.

The 3.0” shock you see here features five external bypass adjusters – three for compression and two for rebound. Radflo can also provide external control of free bleed on request. In a matter of seconds, the customer can alter damping performance at specific travel sectors by adjusting the check valve at the end of each chamber. Radflo builds each shock to order, allowing the customer to choose the number, type, length and placement of bypass chambers for complete customization.

Radflo also allows you to choose between a remote reservoir and the high-flow piggy back style shown here. If you are unsure of the proper specifications for your application, the company’s highly trained shock technicians will guide you through the process. Or you can specify the exact features and options, right down to the internal seal material and individual valve shim sizes. Once the order is placed, Radflo immediately begins building your shocks and in most cases they’re ready to ship within 2-3 weeks.


  • Position sensitive damping combined with velocity sensitive valving provides maximum control of damping curve
  • External bypass chambers allow customer to alter compression, rebound and bleed resistance at specific travel sectors
  • Flow metering valves are easily adjusted to change damping characteristics without removing shock from vehicle
  • 7 Stage deflective disc valving responds to terrain changes with greater precision for improved control, handling and comfort
  • Completely rebuildable, serviceable and tunable for virtually unlimited service life

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For more information or to place an order, contact Radflo Suspension Technology at (714) 965-7828, via e-mail at, or on the web at

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