NITRO CHROMOLY Birfields & Axles

NITRO CHROMOLY Birfields & Axles

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Toyota Trucks & Landcruisers are well known for their strength & reliability all over the world.  Out of the box they feature some pretty great drivetrain, but they do have their limits.   The factory axles are 30 spline at the diff, but neck down to 27 spline at the birfield creating a failure point.  Additionally the factory Birfield joints are not built to withstand the added stress of larger tires and heavy offroad use. Nitro Gear & Axle has addressed this by offering a range of Heavy Duty Chromoly Birfield Joints & Axle Shafts.

  • NITRO 30/30 Kits feature axles that have 30 splines at both ends, eliminating the factory neck-down.  Fully compatible with factory or aftermarket carriers, lockers, & hubs.
  • High strength Chromoly Material featuring State of the art machining, heat-treating and polishing processes for uniformity and ultimate in stenght.
  • Wide application range suiting most Toyota pickups, 4runners & Land Cruisers

WWW.NITRO-GEAR.COM info@nitro-gear.com

Available through:

JTS PARTS & ACCESSORIES www.justdifferentials.com

509.888.2953 info@justdifferentials.com

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