Press Release

TrailReady Racing Wheel launches new 20″ HD Series Wheel

TrailReady is pleased to announce the development of a new addition to the HD Series.  Our new 20×9 will begin shipping in September.  The new part will be available for applications from 5-4.5 to 8-6.5 and will come in backspace measurements from 4.5″ to 5.5″.  MSRP is expected to be 450.00 and like all of our HD Series wheels, will include the one year unlimited replacement warranty.  We will begin taking orders for the first run of this heavy duty domestically cast and machined wheel in August 2010.  BFGoodrich has introduced a new line of 42″ Krawlers and Projects for a 20″ wheel and while this wheel will also be available as a DOT simulated wheel, we belive this will be the first 20″ beadlocked racing wheel to market that will handle that size tire in an offroad racing environment. The wheel is undergoing destructive testing and we will have pictures in next months newsletter.

It’s amazing to see all the new beadlock wheel brands popping up in this economy and we’ve seen several come and go, but as of today, TrailReady remains the only US made cast racing wheel available. Adding a 20″ model is a long time coming and we hope that its success will help launch us into a line of racing buggy wheels.

“el hombre de la rueda”
Larry Trim, Owner
TrailReady Products LLC

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