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National Non-Profit Organization Selects LINE-X To Help Clean Up America

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (January 12, 2011) LINE-X Protective Coatings, the nation’s leading developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, is proud to be supporting the EcoTrek Foundation and their upcoming “Best of America” Tour. The tour consists of American vehicles, fueled by Cellulose Ethanol (C.E.) equipped with American-made products, such as LINE-X, appearing at historic sites and events across the U.S. in an effort to raise awareness for renewable fuels, materials and the preservation of natural resources. EcoTrek Foundation selected LINE-X to participate in the Tour. LINE-X’s contribution included spraying the bed and wheel wells of the specially designed Ford F250 pickup with LINE-X’s popular protective coatings and newest product, ASPART-X™, a zero VOC, aliphatic polyurea topcoat that provides superior U/V stability with excellent color and gloss retention.

“This is a program that LINE-X is very proud to be involved with and we are pleased that the EcoTrek Foundation chose us for this endeavor,” said Kevin Heronimus, LINE-X CEO. “We are an American company built from the passion of the American entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to support the EcoTrek Foundation as they set out to give back to our great nation through education and awareness is very rewarding.”

“We’re taking a regular American-made pickup truck, outfitting it with American-made products, like LINE-X, and powering it with American-made biofuels in order to emphasize our ability to be gentler to the environment, while bolstering American’s economy, national security and independence from foreign oil,” said Tom Holm, Founder of EcoTrek. “My hope is that the use of clean biofuels made here at home will lead to a more prosperous America that is admired for the innovations and pioneering spirit for which Americans and entrepreneurs such as LINE-X’s franchisees are known for.”

EcoTrek’s “Best of America” Tour began in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier (the start of historic Route 66) on January 11 and will traverse the country for two months. Over the course of the tour, the team of vehicles will visit American farms and factories, sporting events, schools, historical sites and beach clean-up projects to raise awareness for Cellulosic Ethanol, the next generation of EPA-approved biofuels made in America from diverted waste materials and landfills. According to EcoTrek, the production of CE could create tens of thousands of jobs, increase unsubsidized revenue to farmers and lower demand for foreign fuels. Recent studies have also shown that the use of CE could help protect the environment and sensitive ecosystems. To follow the progress of the EcoTrek “Best of America” Tour, check out:

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