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Gold Eagle Co. Launches New Product: STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver

CHICAGO –The makers of STA-BIL®, America’s #1 selling gas stabilizer, introduce STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver, designed specifically for gasoline vehicles and small engines to protect against the effects of Ethanol-blended fuels.

Ethanol in fuel can cause corrosion by attracting moisture from the air. Ethanol is also a solvent, which can loosen debris and deposits that have built up in a fuel tank over time, resulting in clogged fuel systems. This can lead to hard starting, rough running and even stalling of equipment.

STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver will aid in protecting equipment in a number of ways by:
•    Preventing corrosion
•    Helping to remove water from fuel
•    Cleaning fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves to keep engines running smoothly for optimal performance.

STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver is designed to be used with every fill up, for the ultimate protection against Ethanol blended fuels.

STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver will be sold at top automotive, mass and hardware retailers, and available in two different sizes a 10 oz. bottle (treating up to 25 gallons) for car and truck owners, (suggested retail: $8.99) , as well as a 4 oz. smaller bottle (treating up to 10 gallons) for small gasoline engine equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, scooters , etc. (suggested retail: $4.99).

The STA-BIL® brand of products are over 40 years old, and is the best selling fuel stabilizer on the market today. Many competitors have tried to conquer this market, but have made little headway due to the strong brand recognition and trust of the STA-BIL® brand.

STA-BIL® Ethanol Treatment is made by Gold Eagle® Co., manufacturer of leading brands including HEET® Gas-Line Antifreeze, NO-LEAK® Treatments, 104+® Octane Boost, and DieselPower!® Diesel Additives.  Details on the full line of Gold Eagle products can be obtained at, calling 800-621-1251 or writing Gold Eagle Co. at 4400 S. Kildare Ave., Chicago, IL 60632.

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