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AvMap Presents the New Geosat 4×4 Crossover: The Navigator for Off Road and City

Mashpee, MA 30, June 2011 – AvMap, the Italian GPS manufacturer known worldwide, launches Geosat 4×4 Crossover, the GPS dedicated to off road navigation.

The new Geosat 4×4 Crossover is the latest of a series of GPS dedicated to off roaders launched by AvMap in Europe. Geosat 4×4 Crossover is now available for the North American market. Geosat 4×4 Crossover is equipped with Trip master and a virtual Road Book allowing you to insert waypoints and to create your itineraries off road. Geosat 4×4 Crossover comes with Geosat Suite, a PC desktop application that helps by keeping the device up-to-date with the latest free software updates and the latest maps. With Geosat Map Converter you can load your custom maps on Geosat 4×4 Crossover.

Geosat 4×4 Crossover can be used as a full-featured GPS navigator in the city, or to explore unpaved roads. Geosat 4×4 Crossover has slick and robust hardware with a metal chassis and comes with a protective rubber frame to prevent it from bumps and scratches. Put the rubber frame on and you are ready for your adventure off road. Maps and navigation info are clearly displayed in an extra bright 4.8” color touch screen LCD.

Enter in 4×4 mode to see: Full screen compass Trip Master in meters indicating partial and total distances. You can adjust or pause the counter. Create a virtual Road Book inserting your waypoints and view the itinerary on the map. Select the next waypoint as a destination to view relative distance and bearing.

Geosat 4×4 Crossover is compatible with raster maps. Most important you can load your custom maps! In fact, thanks to the Geosat Map Converter you can geo-reference a paper or electronic map and load it in your Geosat 4×4 Crossover! You can load a map of a park, maps for hiking and outdoor activities, topographic maps, thematic maps, anything you wish to have close at hand in your GPS. The raster (image) map will be displayed as a background behind the vector maps preloaded in the GPS.

With Geosat 4×4 Crossover you can also: Search locations by their geographical coordinates (in different map datum); Rapidly save a waypoint along the way; Record the track of your off road itinerary Export and import waypoints and tracks to and from Ozi Explorer through NMEA bidirectional interface; Export waypoints and tracks and view them on Google Earth. Share waypoints and tracks with friends

When in city mode, Geosat 4×4 Crossover is an advanced satellite navigator with lane assistant, trip computer, stop planner and text to speech announcing street names.

Keep your Geosat 4×4 Crossover always up-to-date with the freshest software and maps using Geosat Suite. Connect Geosat 4×4 crossover to the PC and Geosat Suite opens up: check whether updates are available, download manuals, customize your contents and share them with your friends.

Geosat 4×4 Crossover will retail at $499.and is available on on-line store. For North American market.

For more information, please contact:

AvMap North America Operations
133 Falmouth Road, Ste. E
Mashpee, MA 02649

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