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View This Newsletter On Our Web SiteFor 60 years now, Eibach has been known as the world standard for high-quality springs. On the occasion of this milestone in Eibach history, CEO Wilfried Eibach talks about how his father, and the rest of the Eibach family, created a worldwide industry leader from humble beginnings in a small workshop.

“My father Heinrich, who was born in 1903 in Werdohl, Lennetal, took up a job as a spring maker in the 40s and even worked in a springs factory in Dortmund.

“I can still remember the beginnings well. At the start I was constantly involved one way or the other. I can still see in my mind when, around 1949, my father rented a small workshop at the Ronkhausen train station to start up a tiny spring factory.

“In my grammar-school days I helped out with production on many afternoons, before I joined full-time at the start of April 1959. I had to end my education after completing my secondary school, leaving my exams to help my father.”

Now, of course, Eibach Springs is a world-leading brand, developing and manufacturing springs and other products used in many industries, from ski lifts and gondolas, to springs from tiny pressure valves, to huge industrial springs.

But Eibach is best known for its position as a preferred supplier for the world’s most demanding auto manufacturers, top auto racing series, including Formula 1 and NASCAR, and its own brand of extreme-performance aftermarket srpings and suspension components.

“In the 70s, AMG was looking for a manufacturer who was able to flexibly produce high quality suspension springs in small quantities – and came across Eibach. The rest is history.”

To learn more about the beginnings—and current global success—of this remarkable, family owned company, with facilities in Europe, the United States, and around the world, please feel free to read the rest of Wilfried Eibach’s amazing story by clicking here. For more information, contact Swantje Eibach

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