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Super-14 Press Release / Torq Axle

Torq Axle is proud to announce the availability of the Super-14. The Super-14 is a revolutionary drop-out third member design that utilizes a standard 14 Bolt carrier and gears. This axle design is superior to the Ford 9 Inch as the Super-14 uses a true 10.5 inch ring gear coupled with a 1.75 inch 3-bearing pinion shaft. The Super-14 is purpose built for racing applications. The Super-14 has been designed to accommodate optional features such as 4 inch carrier bearings, twin load bearing bolts, pocket bearing retainer plate, and bridged bearing caps for maximum strength and durability. As a solid platform the Super-14 is sure to raise the bar in performance axle technology. Torq has made a considerable investment into building a strong inventory of product to meet customer demand. The Super-14 is available for sale as of October 1, 2011.

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