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Tire Ball ‘Rock Crawler’ Multi-Cell Inflation System

Crestwood, Kentucky – November 1, 2012

After a year of field testing the multi-cell inflation system with the most recognized extreme off-road racing partners, The Tire Ball Company has announced it is taking the proven technology from UTV/ATV/Motorcycle Racing coupled with extensive proven military applications to the unlimited 4WD arena. Tire Balls long history in partnerships with some of the most recognized off-road racing champions in the lighter weight racing community has propelled the product development to the heavier, faster, and more abusive machines to apply the virtual run-flat capabilities to the most treacherous terrain imaginable.

Shannon Campbell and Bill Baird from (KOH/Ultra4) have been running the larger and durable ‘Tire Ball air cells’ in their racing machines for almost 12 months; testing many different pressures and terrain with the same stellar results as the many champions from GNCC, WORC’s and the many regional series using the Tire Ball now. “We have found the same proven technology for UTV/ATV and motorcycle racing can be applied to the unlimited off road racing community and achieve the same championship results,” said Mark Harris, Vice President – Sales, The Tire Ball Company. “Racing is a great proving ground for the many advancements in military applications and thanks to Shannon and Bill the marriage of the two was a logical step,” Harris added.

The ‘Rock Crawler’ Multi-Cell Inflation System now available for tires ranging from 38 to 42 inches. All sales inquiries please call 1.877.Tirebal or email Check us out at


“When I am going for the win and want something just flat out unstoppable I roll on TireBalls! Go big or go home.” Said Shannon Campbell, Ultra4, KOH, Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing legend.

“I don’t carry a spare; drive with no co- driver; and given my aggressive driving I cannot afford a flat. Couple my driving style with the toughest imaginable racing terrain, partnering with Goodyear and TireBalls. I have never not completed a race because of a flat tire. Best investment I’ve made in my racing equipment.” Per Bill Baird, Utra4 Rookie-of-the-year, 1999 ARCA Champion.

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