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Premier Trailer Towing Products announces release of Zippmag – Cable Tie Magnets

Zippics31.1Albert Lea, MN November 1st, 2012, Premier Trailer Towing Products announces the release of a brand new Cable Tie Magnet called Zippmag™. The Zippmag™ is made in the USA, it is small in size, ¾” diameter by ½” height, but large in strength, with over 10lbs of pull strength. The Zippmag™ was created to give you an extra hand and the ability to hold many things at arm’s reach. Zippmags™ are useful for many things, such as.Holding tools like wrenches, hammers, pliers, sockets, where your working

  • Welding positioning devices
  • Craft Projects
  • To help people with physical limitations by holding keys or other items to walkers and canes
  • To hold hunting calls or flashlights to hunting blinds or ATV’s
  • To hold hooks and lures to fishing poles
  • Holding bolts and screws to hand drills
  • Use 2 Zippmags to hold 2 non magnetic things together
  • Securing and hiding wiring harnesses on hot rods and street rods
  • Controlling wiring harnesses from upgraded electronics on Tractors and Combines
  • Securing cables and bundles of wire running in steel framed structures


Zippmags™ are currently available in 3 different packages, ZPMG1 – 4 pack of Zippmags™ in a hanging tube $15.00 MSRP, ZPMG2 – Single Zippmag™ with a1 releasable cable tie in a blister pack $ 5.00 MSRP, ZPMG3 4 pack of Zippmags™ with 1 releasable cable tie in a blister pack $ 15.00 MSRP. We have a counter display available that holds 10 of the blister packs.

For additional information contact Matthew Hoelscher at Premier Trailer Towing Products at 507-369-6013 or email

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