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Baja Designs – Jonesin’ for a Win

August 21st, 2013 – San Marcos, CA – Baja Designs would like to congratulate competitors of the 2013 General Tire Vegas to Reno, with a special thanks to Team Enlightened and their chase crews.

From the lights of the Las Vegas strip to the high desert of Reno, Nevada, this year’s General Tire Vegas to Reno challenged some of the best drivers the off road racing industry has to offer. Five hundred and fifty miles across the Mojave Desert at temperatures reaching upwards of 108 degrees gave everyone a run for their money. The longest off road race in the United States, Vegas to Reno claims its fair share of casualties.

The majority of Team Enlightened finishing top 10 in their classes:

  • Jesse Jones #76 – 9:19:56.095 – 2nd in Class (1400)
  • Justin Lofton #1577 – 11:10:21.136 – 10th in Class (1500)
  • Bryce Menzies #70 – 9:29:52.764 – 3rd in Class (1400)
  • Al Hogan #7226 – 11:41:56.656 – 2nd in Class (7200)
  • Daniel McMillin #23 – 10:01:57.997 – 23rd in Class (1400)
  • Taylor Mills #6108 – 11:59:03.371 – 3rd in Class (6100)
  • Steve Strobel #94 – 10:16:47.140 – 9th in Class (1400)
  • Nick Mills #6107 – 12:27:38.348 – 5th in Class (6100)
  • Steven Eugenio #8 – 10:45:13.211 – 11th in Class (1400)
  • Justin Matney #1501 – 12:34:17.884 – 12th in Class (1500)
  • Chip Prescott #1032 – 10:58:13.297 – 2nd in Class (1000)
  • Carlos Apdaly Lopez #6104 – 13:48:46.936 – 8th in Class (6100)
  • Cody Reid #1068 – 11:06:21.124 – 4th in Class (1000)
  • Nick Bayes #3006 – 17:17:19.994 – 3rd in Class (3000)

Friday’s race started off with a “bang” for Team Enlightened member All German Motorsports. Within 3 miles of the start they were down with engine trouble that ended their race. But the carnage didn’t end there. Race mile 360 saw Menzies, Jones, Voss and Lofton battling for the lead position. Within 80 miles of the finish, Menzies landed in a ditch, with Jesse Jones unknowingly barreling down on him through the dust. With a friendly yet unexpected push from his Enlightened teammate, Menzies was freed and back on the road. However, the loss of his jack forced Menzies to limp his Geiser truck the remaining 60 miles on a flat tire. Somehow he still managed to finish 3rd in class behind fellow teammate Jesse Jones, who crossed the finish line first physically, and 2nd in class on corrected time.

The #8 truck driven by Steve Eugenio of Galindo Motorsports was nailed with a one hour penalty coming through pit #3 and still brought the ID Designs Trophy Truck in for an 11th in class finishing position.

Team Enlightened vehicles are equipped with the best LED lighting in the industry. Baja Designs’ LED lights are designed utilizing uService®, and CopperDrive™ technologies, ensuring ultimate versatility, brightness, and longevity.

Baja Designs would like to thank all of their supporters and Team Enlightened for another amazing display of skill, sportsmanship and athleticism at this year’s General Tire Vegas to Reno. The Scientists of Lighting are here for all of your lighting needs – no matter what vehicle you choose – ensuring that bright ideas are always made better.

About Baja Designs:

Since 1992 Baja Designs has been driven to provide high quality, custom off-road equipment utilizing technical innovations backed by real world and racing experience. Originally the leading supplier of street-legal dual-sport kits, Baja Designs has matured to become the premier supplier of off-road race lighting, as well many other bike, truck, ATV, mining, industrial and agricultural lighting products. Countless racing wins have earned Baja Designs a solid reputation in the powersports and motorsports industries as well as being selected as a supplier to the U.S. Special Forces. Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, continuously bring you … bright ideas made better! © 2013 Baja Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. uService®, Stealth®, Strykr™, OnX®, Scientists of Lighting™ and the Baja Designs logos are registered trademarks of Baja Designs, Inc. 2013.

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