OMC Introduces Rock Krusher Jeep Winch Bumper

High-clearance Cherokee/Comanche winch bumpers with dual jack points

OMC_XJ_BumperBANNING, Calif. – Jeep specialist OMC Offroad offers the precision-built Rock Krusher front bumper for classic 1984-2001 Jeep XJ Cherokees and 1986-1992 MJ Comanches. These bumpers are fabricated in the USA using CNC laser-cut 3/16-inch-thick steel. Bends are formed with a CNC press brake. OMC integrates the mounting brackets into the bumper for durability, and all stress areas are reinforced. Two welded-on D-ring recovery tabs are ½-inch thick.

Rock Krusher bumpers are designed for optimal functionality. They provide protection while offering maximum approach angle: The center section is only 7.5 inches high, and the Rock Krusher tapers to 1-inch thick at its ends. This profile helps the bumper slide over obstacles.


Winch-mounting is possibly the Rock Krusher’s most unique aspect. The bumper’s center section features a 3/8-inch-thick winch plate and is engineered to protect the winch from rocks, brush and debris. OMC verified fitment for seven popular winch models:


  • VR8000
  • VR8000-s
  • VR10000
  • VR10000-s
  • M8000
  • M8000-s
  • XD9000


  • XRC10
  • XRC10 Comp Series
  • X20 Comp Series


  • TS9500
  • TS11500

The OMC Offroad Rock Krusher bumper also includes two slots for Hi-Lift jacking. OMC ships the bumpers raw, allowing customers to choose their own finish. New Grade 8/L9 mounting hardware – including replacement steering box bolts – is part of the package. A stinger hoop is optional. A front Rock Krusher application is also available for the 1993-1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee.

For more information, please contact OMC Offroad, 951-534-4843,

OMC Offroad has modified and customized Jeep Cherokees, Comanches and Grand Cherokees for more than 20 years. All OMC Offroad parts are designed in-house and tested on the company’s own Jeeps before being put into production. OMC uses computer-controlled manufacturing in the USA to ensure quality and consistency. All steel is laser-cut, and bends are done by CNC tube benders and press brakes. OMC Offroad’s slogan is “Precision Built” — because its products are.

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