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Proform Offers New Wireless Scale/Ramp Kit

PF_ScaleRampsAffordable 5,000-Pound Capacity Portable Scales Are Ideal For Racers

Roseville, Mich. — The newest PROFORM® high-value automotive tool is a Wireless Scale Kit (Part No. 67647). This system consists of four wheel pads, four ramps and a wireless monitor, all of which fit in a durable nylon carrying case. Twenty AA batteries are even included.

Each wheel pad has a 1,250-pound capacity and measures 14.75 x 14 inches. Data is beamed wirelessly to an LCD monitor. Displayable values include:

  • Total vehicle weight.
  • Percentage load of each wheel to the total.
  • Loading in both pounds and kilograms.
  • Percentages for cross weight, side/side and front/rear weights.
  • Low battery indication.

Weight readings are accurate to within 1/10 of 1 percent. This information is invaluable to racers—weight distribution affects handling and influences suspension tuning.

Many racers are accustomed to jacking up each tire and positioning a weight pad underneath. However, PROFORM includes ramps that allow even low-clearance vehicles to be driven onto the pads. The scale exteriors and the ramps are made from light yet durable ABS terpolymer. For more information, please contact PROFORM Parts, 586-774-2500,


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