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Deegan Wins ProLite - Odyssey Battery

ODYSSEY® Battery by EnerSys® Congratulates Brian Deegan for his 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series PRO LITE Championship

ODYSSEY® battery is the official battery of Brian Deegan READING, Pa. (Oct. 30, 2013) – ODYSSEY® Battery by EnerSys® congratulates sponsored driver Brian Deegan on his fifth Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Short Course championship this past weekend at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park…

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warn aev brute double cab jeep wrangler sema

SEMA 2013: 40 Awesome Off-Road Vehicles

  Every year SEMA attracts hundreds of the world’s most excellently modified vehicles, from motorcycles that make you go “how does that work” to tuners so low you wonder how they can get over a speedbump…much less a pothole, SEMA…

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Primitive Road Media Group PRMG

PRMG Acquires JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Primitive Road Media Group acquires JPFreek Adventure Magazine Primitive Road Media Group, LLC (PRMG) announces the recent acquisition of JPFreek Adventure Magazine. The acquisition of JPFreek Adventure Magazine will enhance Primitive Road Media Group’s network of growing digital magazine and…

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RK Motors - Project Fearless


Americans Rally with Donations of Cash and Services for “Project Fearless” CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Oct. 31, 2013 – RK Motors Charlotte, one of the nation’s premier restorers, re-sellers and builders of classic, muscle and high-performance cars, spearheaded a project to restore…

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Superwinch Roam

SEMA 2013: Superwinch ROAM – Control Your Winch with Your Smartphone

When it comes to winches, we’ve seen a lot of advancements in the past few years, but for the most part how you control that winch has remained the same. Sure, we’ve seen wireless winch remotes brought into the marketplace,…

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SEMA 2013: Shannon Campbell’s Buggy

When it comes to rock-racing, there’s few names more recognizable than Shannon Campbell. There’s no surprise that his vehicle is just as notable. Shannon’s buggy, to say the least, is seriously impressive—to fabricators and home builders, you might even call…

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MORE TJ Rock Crawler

SEMA 2013: Built-up Jeep Wrangler TJ Rock Crawler

While it’s nice to have a look at rock-racers like Shannon Campbell’s, it’s not exactly what we’d call realistic for your average joe. While we know rock-crawling isn’t a cheap activity, there’s certainly vehicles that are a bit more realistic…

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SEMA 2013: MLR Racework’s Class 6 Race Truck

SEMA 2013: MLR Racework’s Class 6 Race Truck

Who doesn’t love themselves a great SCORE Class 6 race truck? We certainly do, and we know you’ll love a closer look at Matt Lovell’s 2009 Ford Ranger (not that there’s much left of the original truck anyway). With 24…

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Rob MacCachren's TRAXXAS Race Truck

SEMA 2013: Rob MacCachren’s TRAXXAS Race Truck

Even though you’re probably familiar with TRAXXAS—this isn’t an R/C car—it’s a serious off-road racing machine. Rob MacCachren’s TRAXXAS race truck is one of the more well-used race rigs we’ve seen at SEMA so far. Rob’s truck has 35″ tires,…

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Rad Jeep Willys

SEMA 2013: A Really Rad Willys

Every once and a while you come by a vehicle that almost perfectly blends classic heritage, capability, and a little bit of new-school engineering. This year at SEMA we stumbled upon one of those vehicles, an early Willys Jeep, which…

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