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ROCKFACEGEAR to Introduce Wrangler ‘Stickershield™’ At Jeep Beach

DETROIT, MI: Matt Binkowski – the founder of ROCKFACEGEAR – is a long-time marketing professional who’s passionate about designing products for musicians and the off-road enthusiasts. His new company, ROCKFACEGEAR, is committed to maximizing the enjoyment of both.

The company’s flagship product – the StickerShield™ – will be introduced at Jeep Beach in Daytona, Florida April 27 and 28.

Binkowski says “People have used stickers to communicate with the world for decades. The problem with doing that on a Wrangler is not everybody wants to put them on the paint or block their rear view. The other thing I noticed was that for people who like to use stickers, they’re excited to gain access to even more untapped space on their vehicle thanks to the StickerShield™.”

“StickerShield™ is a safe, simple, and patented way to express yourself. You can even fill both sides of it if you like and flip it for the occasion.”

“I designed it so anyone can install it in a matter of minutes, all without removing the spare tire. While it won’t change the performance of your vehicle, it opens the doors to further personalization of your Jeep Wrangler.” 

Preview ROCKFACEGEAR products Friday and Saturday at Jeep Beach.

Limited quantities of the following products will be available for sale:

  • StickerShield™ for stock JK Wrangler wheels and 35” aftermarket tires
  • ROCKFACEGEAR™ logo light guards
  • Designer tees

Those who purchase StickerShield™ can choose free ‘starter stickers’ from ROCKFACEGEAR, Teraflex, Rubicon Express, Yeti, Spidewebshade, WD Automotive, GraBars and more. (While supplies last.)

Keeping the jobs at home

“We are proud Detroiters who choose to keep our friends and neighbors employed with a fair wage for the skill and talent they’ve earned over the years rather than send things overseas and watch people struggle.”

Learn more at
On Facebook @rockfacegear
On Twitter @rockfacegear

For more information, contact:

Matt Binkowski

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