DEI Introduces Boom Mat® Flex Damping Material

Easy to Apply and Flexible for Hard to Fit Areas

Avon Lake, Ohio (March 5, 2018)…Boom Mat® damping material has long been used to reduce vibration and noise while providing insulation to protect against extreme heat and cold.  Boom Mat Flex is pliable enough to be used anywhere in a vehicle, even in areas with tight curves that are the most challenging. Unlike Boom Mat Aluminum, Boom Mat Flex easily conforms to odd shapes and tighter bends making it ideal to use inside wheel wells, fenders or around tubing and pipes.

This new flexible peel and stick damping material is available for purchase in packs of two, four or ten. Each section measures 12” x 12” square and can be trimmed for exact coverage.

Made of 2.5mm thick Butyl rubber it has a clear poly surface with a black textured finish. Boom Mat Flex’s aggressive adhesive backing allows it to be shaped and secured firmly around any surface to reduce bothersome noise while adding cooling insulation for a quieter more comfortable interior.  It is also a great way to protect the paint on new, custom, or luxury vehicles.

Boom Mat Flex also has the potential to be used for many purposes outside of automotive. For the home, it can be used for a residential home theater or studio, or for quieting sheet metal heat and cooling ducts.  For commercial and industrial applications, it can be used wherever sound damping is needed.

For more information about Boom Mat Flex, part #050225, 050227, 050228 and other innovative heat and sound solutions,  For technical assistance, call toll free at 800-264-9472, or e-mail: To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect with DEI on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to DEI’s You Tube channel.

About Design Engineering, Inc.™ (DEI)
Formed in 1995, Design Engineering, Inc.™ (DEI) is a major U.S. manufacturer and supplier of high performance automotive aftermarket products selling worldwide to a large number of commercial markets – Automotive, Race, V-Twin, Sportbike/Metric, ATV/UTV/Off-road, 12 Volt/Car Audio, Industrial, Marine, and Aeronautical. DEI, located in Avon Lake, OH, specializes in the development of thermal and acoustic performance products as well as cryogenic intake systems and related accessories under the CryO2™ brand, acoustical insulation, sound deadening products under the popular Boom Mat brand, as well and a full line of performance coolant additives under the brand Radiator Relief™.

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