Rigid Rampage at Ridgecrest is Two Weeks Away

The final race in the Lasernut Western Regional Series is just two short weeks away and already 90 drivers are set to compete in the Rigid Rampage at Ridgecrest. The Western Regional Championships will be decided at this race, as will 10 more spots for the 2019 Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries. Wtih the increased purse for the 4400 class next year, those 10 spots are going to be coveted!

We’ve switched up the schedule for Ridgecrest and for the first time in the history of ULTRA4 we have the 4400s racing first, and the limiteds and UTVs racing second. That means every car should be prepared with lights. The 4400s will be racing  at 4PM and the Limiteds ad UTVs will start at dark. Please be prepared with lights!
Race Length
The course expected to be 100 miles for limiteds/UTVs and 150 miles for Unlimiteds. It is a 50 mile loop. 
Similar to Fallon, there will be a main pit, a camping near the start/finish, and one remote pit. The remote pit is at approx. RM 30, and is several mles down a maintained dirt road. Those wishing to utilize this pit need to bring appropriate supplies and be prepared to stay in this location for the duration of the race. Cell service is spotty and temperatures will be in excess of 100* plan appropriately.
Updates from Dave:
Ridgecrest is shaping up very well!
  • The loop will be approximately 50 miles with 3-4 rock trails. 
  • The first 3 are on par with Aftershock or Balderdash. The 4th is legitimately difficult. We are going to put cars on that trail to determine viability. There are about 5 miles of rough/whooped out track. Another 5 of windy washes and 30+ miles of fantastic and challenging high speed desert. 
  • It will definitely be hot, but I am confident you will enjoy the event.
  • As you look at the schedule, we are going to change things up and have the ULTRA4 class run first, finishing just after dusk. The UTVs and Limited classes will run together after dark.
  • I plan to start the UTVs first, bypassing the hard rock trail and starting 4500/4800s 15 minutes later. The 4600 class will start last and will also bypass the hard rock trail.
There is dry camping available starting on Thursday and will be free for teams. 
Hotels in Ridgecrest are approx 16 miles from site, and there are many to choose from including Hampton Inn, Best Western, Spring Hill Suites, and Clarion Inn
Pre-Order your Renegade Race Fuel by August 2nd. 
Renegade Race Fuel- The official Race Fuel of ULTRA4 will be delivering fuel on site and will be onsite for every ULTRA4 race for the 2018 season. They have access to all types of fuel. Teams can pre-order and it will be waiting on-site for them. Call Jody Morris at 270-467-4219 or email him at: jmorris@valoroil.com to order your fuel.  2018 Renegade Fuel Contingency Be sure to stop by the renegade booth to get your 4″ x 4″ renegade stickers and sign up for contingency. The top 3 drivers in National points that have used Renegade fuel during at least 3 races will receive the following contingency: 4400: $3000 Total purse – $1500 for 1st, $1000 for 2nd, $500 for 3rd. For 4500-4900 classes, $1250 total purses – $600 – 1st, $400 – 2nd, and $250 – 3rd
Address and Directions to Ridgecrest Race:
The Main Pit for camping and start/finish area are located off of Trona Rd. Near the Wagon Wheel Staging Area. 
PLEASE NOTE: For those coming with large trucks and trailers, the best entrance is about a mile South of the Wagon Wheel OHV Staging Area off of Trona Rd. 
The Wagon Wheel Staging Area road is not as smooth of an entrance. 
Here is a link and coordinates to the best turn in spot for large
trucks/trailers https://goo.gl/maps/ViyqG3Tv4nw 35°33’56.2″N 117°33’43.3″W
To Register
All Entry fees must be received by August 3rd, any entries after this date will be subject to a $100 late fee.
Drivers looking to register for this race can:
Pay for a single race – login with your driver profile then please select your class under racer at this link and hit “register now” to pay the single race price. If you are wanting to register for the shootout, please select shootout as your class.
USAC Insurance
All drivers and co-drivers participating in this event will need USAC insurance available at www.ultra4license.com If you’ve already purchased your annual license for 2018 you are good.
Pit Crew
Total cost for entry for pit crew is $25
Please note: All attending must either pay for pit crew bands for the weekend or purchase spectator tickets for the weekend.
We will be using Yellowbricks for Ridgecrest.  Drivers should be prepared to pay for transponders on site.

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