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DEI Introduces Oil Filter Heat Shield

Reduces risk of power robbing heat soak by blocking heat from engines and oil pans to keep oil cooler

Avon Lake, OH (March 18, 2019)…DEI’s new Oil Filter Heat Shield can be used to keep oil at its best operating temperature; especially important for vehicles with high performance engines. With most vehicles the oil filter is typically located between the oil pan and engine, and can be near hot exhaust headers. Without protection, radiant heat can increase oil temperature and potentially cause heat soak.  Most oil is designed to work optimally between 180°F to 210°F. DEI’s Oil Filter Shield effectively blocks radiant heat that can change the oils viscosity or potentially cause a thermal breakdown that will make the oil additives degrade, dissipate, and wear out quickly.

As a long time specialist in heat control for all forms of motorsports and powersports, DEI made the Oil Filter Heat Shield universal in size so they can be trimmed to fit and used for any size oil filter. Sold as a convenient three pack, they are available in two sizes: 3.5” – 4.5” x 4” (part #010740) or 2.5” – 3.5” x 3” (part #010741) wherever DEI thermal products are sold.

For more information about this and other component heat protection products, visit, call DEI at 800-264-9472 or e-mail: To keep up with the latest new thermal performance products from Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), like us on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

About Design Engineering, Inc.® (DEI)
Design Engineering, Inc.® (DEI) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance  innovative heat and sound control  products selling worldwide to a large number of commercial markets – Automotive, Race, V-Twin, Sportbike/Metric, ATV/UTV/Off-road, 12 Volt/Car Audio, Industrial, Marine, and Aeronautical. Formed in 1995, the company is located in Avon Lake, OH. Additional DEI related brands marketed worldwide are CryO2™ cryogenic intake systems and related accessories, Boom Mat® acoustical insulation and sound deadening products and Radiator Relief™ performance coolant additives.

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