Ode to a 4x4

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Poem by
John "Mud Lite" Farley

Ode to a 4x4

A 4x4 can be so fine
For rain, snow, wind or shine
During the week from point A to B
Weekends the forest we will see
Rock climbing, mud holes, and bogs
Water crossing, sand, and logs
Getting stuck was expensive
Calling CAA to tow and exract with

So years ago we started stock
Started a club and began to flock.
Jeeps, Toyotas, Fords shoulder to shoulder
We all started to get a little bolder.
Bigger tires, a little lift
Now we need to make it swift.
Small block Chevy, Holley carb
Headers, exaust and all that garb.

Tried it, broke it, built it up
Flipped the axles, up and up.
Body lift, add-a-leaf, nobby tires
K&N, Jacobs and Acell wires
Year after year we bounced it around
And now its rusting to the ground.
No problem, some bondo here and there
Duct tape, pop rivets and fibre glass hair
Filled holes and dents we've made.
And think of all the money we saved.
Some new rockers, hood, a door, the Max
Prime it, paint it, top coat and wax.

She looks good, runs well, sucks up gas
Now we need the tools to pass.
Shovels. Axes, ropes and chain
Hi-Lift, snatch block double gain
Cables, come-along, hooks and Clevace
All to cross that little crevice
After licences and insurance for fire
Balancing bank books on high wire
And we wonder- is it all worth it?
You're #@&*%$# right it is ! ! ! ! ! !

John Farley, January, 1994

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