Shoulda bought a Jeep

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Shoulda Got A Jeep

One day, my friend, Jason and I were on a trail ride together. Jason's rig is a '98 Dodge Quad Cab pickup. Very nice and well setup. He decided that he was wheeling it too hard and that he needed to get himself a dedicated trail rig. He had heard about an old Toyota FJ-40 that was for We talked about it and discussed the pros and cons of the FJ-40 against, say, a Jeep CJ-7.

Now, before I go any further, let me state right here, that I absolutely love FJ-40's. I love all 4x4s, really, as long as they're not lowered! So, as you read on, don't get any funny ideas about me being an FJ-hater!

Ok, back to our story. Jason decided to get the FJ and so I asked him if he was going to be one of those FJ owners that wouldn't even talk to Jeep owners and whether he would start spelling Jeep like J**p. He swore up and down that he wouldn't become one of those guys. In fact, he said, "I'll even let you put a Jeep sticker on the FJ when I get it."

Well, any self-respecting Jeep owner couldn't pass that dare up! After Jason got the FJ I paid him a visit to check it out. Turns out that I had almost traded a guitar for this exact FJ two years prior, but the owner wouldn't sell it to me because it "had too many issues."

I had an "It's a Jeep wouldn't understand" sticker with me. I made Jason turn his head while I thought about what to put on his FJ. I thought and thought and finally came up with what I could cut up the letters and spell. I decided on "shoulda got a Jeep" and stuck it on his tailgate. Jason looked and just shook his head. We agreed that he would let me photograph it and that he would leave it on there for at least one of our club runs.

Think about that next time you take a dare from a Jeep owner!

Shoulda got a Jeep
The sticker

Me coming to Jason's rescue on the street.