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AGR Rock RamFort Worth, TX - AGR Performance Steering now offers the new Rock Ram steering system for all vehicles equipped with Saginaw steering gears. The system was developed and refined for Off-Road racing and is now becoming the most popular steering system for Extreme Rockcrawlers. FOr those off-road vehicles that run gigantic tires with locked front differentials, the Rock Ram system makes off-roading a drive through the park.The system delivers between 100% and 150% (depending on application) more hydraulic turning force. Another benefit of the system is the stress that the steering gear puts on the chassis is reduced due to the fact that a large portion of the steering force is applied at the ram cylinder and stress is now distributed directly between the axle housing and tie-rod or knuckle/spindle. The Rock Ram also works as the ultimate steering stabilizer, making driving on the road with huge tires a lot more pleasant. The Rock Ram steering gearbox is a direct bolt on replacement for the original unit and requires no modifications to install. The pump is also a simple swap out if the vehicle was already equipped with a Saginaw P-type pump. The mount brackets to mount the Rock Ram cylinder and the extension for the neck of the pump reservoir do require welding to install. The kit comes complete with all components and hardware needed to get your turning like never before. Click for larger photo.

For further information, contact:
AGR Steering
4920 Rondo Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: (817) 626-9006
Email: info@agrsteering.com