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JKS Wheel SpacersAlliance, NE - JKS Manufacturing has just released the following new products:

Wheel Spacers
Those of us who love the looks of our factory OEM wheels can still retain them when installing larger tires simply by using a wheel spacer. Our "Wheel Spacers" will offset or change the back spacing by 1.25". This is the same as purchasing costly after-marrket wheels with 1.25" less back spacing. This 1.25" will eliminate any tire rubbing the frame or LCA's when using tire sizes up to 33". They are made from solid T6-6160 aluminum and have the factory OEM style alignment ring machined into the wheel spacer making them both hub centric and wheel centric. They are then "double" anodized in a "race purple" color to prevent any dissimilar metal corrosion. Available in 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern only. Other bolt patterns coming soon. Click here for larger photo.

B3 U-Bolt Plates
If you want the ultimate ground clearance under each leaf spring then these new u-bolt plates are for you. They only hang 1/4" below each rear leaf spring. We accomplish this by re-positioning the u-bolt nuts beside the leaf spring rather than under the leaf spring. Although this design is not a new one, our manufacturing process is. We use two pieces of 10 gauge steel and sandwich the two pieces together to make one piece. We then properly position five weld in gussets for added strength. Lastly, a single solid steel block is welded into place to mount a replaceable shock bolt, and then we add gloss black powder coating. Again, due to the proximity of the front differential housing these new u-bolt plates are available for all rear differentials only.

JKS U-bolt PlateJKS U-bolt Plate

For further information, contact:
JKS Manufacturing
PO Box 98
Alliance, NE 69301
Phone: (308) 762-6949